Tantum ergo, WAB 32

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Tantum ergo
Motet by Anton Bruckner
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-13115, Cesare de Orsenigo.jpg
KeyD major
CatalogueWAB 32
TextTantum ergo
Composed1845 (1845): Kronstorf
DedicationSt. Florian Abbey
Published1914 (1914): Vienna
VocalSATB choir

Tantum ergo ("Let us raise"), WAB 32, is the first of eight settings of the hymn Tantum ergo composed by Anton Bruckner in 1845.


Bruckner composed the motet in the fall of 1845 at the end of his stay in Kronstorf or at the beginning of his stay in St. Florian Abbey.

The original manuscript, which was dedicated to the St. Florian Abbey, is stored in the archive of the abbey. A copy made by Bruckner's student Oddo Loidol is stored in the archive of the Kremsmünster Monastery.

The motet was first published without the "facultative" bars as Pange lingua by Wöss, Universal Edition, together with the Vexilla regis in 1914 – the reason why Grasberger put is as WAB 32 after the Pange lingua, WAB 31.[1] The full version is put in Band XXI/7 of the Gesamtausgabe.[2]


The work of 38 bars (36 bars + a 2-bar Amen) in D major is scored for SATB choir a cappella. The bars 24 to 34, which Bruckner put as optional, were removed in the first edition.

This early Tantum ergo, which gives a feeling of angelic purity, is in Schubert's style. The fully conventional first part in D major is followed by a second part, which moves on via the mediant key of F-sharp minor and back to the coda in D major.[3]

Selected discography[edit]

The first recording of the Tantum ergo occurred in 1993:

  • Joseph Pancik, Prager Kammerchor, Anton Bruckner: Motetten / Choral-Messe – CD: Orfeo C 327 951 A (first strophe of the shortened score)

There are about 8 recordings, of which only two with the full original setting:


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