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Products Bicycles, Bicycle components
Owner Kuota International Co. Ltd.
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A Kuota Kebel at the Halfords Tour Series 2010 in Chester.
A Kuota-road.cc rider at the Halfords Tour Series 2010 in Chester.

KUOTA is an international bicycle brand, owned by Kuota International Co. Ltd, founded in 2001. There are distributions in Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.


KUOTA focuses on carbon fibre reinforced resin (CFR) frames from the beginning, which are produced exclusively in its own manufacturing facilities. The product range includes road, time trial, triathlon, cyclo cross and mountain bike frames, all made of CFR only.

In 2003 the model KHAN was awarded with the “Best BIKE of the Year” by the French bicycle magazine LE CYCLE.

Involvement in Cycling and Triathlon Sport

KUOTA is sponsor of the UCI continental road cycling team Team RothAKROS since the beginning of season 2017. From 2002 to 2017, KUOTA was sponsor and/or cosponsor of several professional road cycling teams such as Team Uniqa [2007], OUCH [2009], Indeland [2010], Kalev Chocolate [2010], Team Dila [200X], Ag2rLa Mondiale [2010-2013] , Agritubel [2009], Team Andironi [2014-2016] as well as several U23 and junior cycling teams. In 2015 KOUTA started sponsoring Team Lensworld KUOTA, a UCI women road cycling team.

In Triathlon, KUOTA has been supporting several international athletes, such as two time IRONMAN world champion Normann Stadler, Andy Böcherer and Andy Potts. KUOTA is currently sponsoring the 2016 Challenge Fuerteventura champion and 2016 4th at IRONMAN Kona Anja Beranek [since 2015], the two time Italian Olympic triathlete and 2016 IRONMAN Taiwan champion Daniel Fontana [since 2009] and British Triathlon squad member Tom Bishop [since 2017].

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