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Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel
Let's Do Lunch With Gino and Mel.png
GenreCookery, chat
Presented byGino D'Acampo
Melanie Sykes
Voices ofDavid Wartnaby (2014)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of series4
No. of episodes88
Production location(s)The London Studios
Running time60 minutes (inc. adverts)
Production company(s)ITV Studios
Original networkITV, STV, UTV
Original release8 August 2011 (2011-08-08) –
8 August 2014
Related showsITV Food
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Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel was a British daytime television programme which aired live on ITV from 2011 until 2014 as part of ITV Food. It was presented by Gino D'Acampo and Melanie Sykes. D'Acampo cooks various food items, whilst Sykes does the main presenting of the show. The show mixed food with celebrity chat. In each episode, a celebrity guest appeared to assist the hosts and chat to them about their latest projects.

Alongside the main show aired a pre-recorded Christmas series known as Let's Do Christmas with Gino & Mel (2012–2014), which saw D'Acampo cooking Christmas food, still with celebrity guests and chat. There were three series of the Christmas show.[1]


Gino's Masterclass[edit]

In some episodes, Gino shared his expertise with the viewers with his top tips on various topics. These included knife skills, tomatoes, bacon, pastry, pasta, rice, chicken, Yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, sausages and meat.

Challenge Gino[edit]

In every episode, Gino had to take part in a food-related challenge. Some of them were attempts to get Gino a Guinness World Record. For the Christmas series, these tasks included Irish Coffee making, eating Brussels sprouts and making Chocolate truffles.

Sometimes there was no challenge, and etiquette expert William Hanson joined the show to talk about subjects such as Royal dining, wedding etiquette or restaurant manners.

In the first and second series, Gino's challenger received a tea towel with the printed text on it which says "I challenged Gino and all I got was this rubbish tea towel". In the third and fourth series, the challenger received a "Let's Do Lunch" lunchbox.


Series Start date End date Episodes
1 8 August 2011 2 September 2011 19
2 9 July 2012 31 August 2012 29
3 1 July 2013 26 July 2013 20
4 14 July 2014[2] 8 August 2014 20
  • Episodes aired daily at 12:30pm for an hour when Loose Women took their summer break

Episode guide[edit]

Series 1[edit]

Original Air Date Celebrity guest Gino's Challenge Quick 5 Minute Recipe Dish Of The Day Audience options/Choice
8/8/2011 Martin Kemp Onion volcano Cheese sandwich Italian pie and mash Chicken in breadcrumbs with tomato salsa and spicy spinach (Won)

Chicken in white wine and tomato sauce (Lost)

9/8/2011 Jane McDonald Nettle Eating 'Whatever you've got in your fridge frittata' Posh fish in pastry Italian chocolate and nut cake (Won)

Ice cream cake with nougat and amaretto (Lost)

10/8/2011 Peter Andre Eating A raw Onion Spaghetti Hoops and mash Barbecue surf and turf with pasta salad Italian-style spring rolls at your request (Won)

Baked aubergines with spinach and Parmesan (Lost)

11/8/2011 Stefan Booth Milking a Sheep Spaghetti with courgette and lemon zest Baked Alaska Pizza vesuvio (Won)

Lamb burgers with spicy tomato and red pepper relish (Lost)

12/8/2011 Joe Pasquale N/A Toast Italian bull's testicles Roasted chicken with rosemary (Won)

Roast Beef (Lost)

15/8/2011 Jason Donovan Lemon eating- Mason"Clap Clap" Pye Leftover chicken pasta Steak with blue cheese sauce and chips Salmon with lemon thyme crust and potato salad (Won)

Fish pie (Lost)

16/8/2011 Craig Revel Horwood Garlic Eating Pea and parsley soup Italian sausage and polenta mash Apple cobbler pie (Won)

Chicken pie (Lost)

17/8/2011 Jodie Prenger To master sabrage Five-spice beans on toast Triple chocolate chilli brownie Meatballs and pasta (Won)

Salmon pasta bake (Lost)

18/8/2011 Christopher Biggins Stack cups Marmite mac and cheese Calves liver with roasted cherry tomatoes Chicken saltimbocca (Won)

Sweet and sour pork chops with mustard mash (Lost)

19/8/2011 Debbie Rush Drinking Ketchup Tuna pasta with olives and cherry tomatoes Strawberry pavlova Roast lamb with lemon potatoes (Won)

Roast rib of beef with honey and lemon zest (Lost)

22/8/2011 Alex James Chilli Eating Cheats' Shepherd's pie Italian brunch Italian chicken curry (Won)

Chicken and prawn kebabs (Lost)

23/8/2011 Josie Gibson Speed Milk Drinking Borletti bean soup Spicy chicken salad Lamb hot pot (Won)

Neapolitan meatloaf (Lost)

24/8/2011 Joe Swash Noodle pulling Lunch in a wrap Spaghetti carbonara Risotto balls with spicy tomato (Won)

Italian-style paella (Lost)

25/8/2011 Tameka Empson Latte art Spaghetti with garlic, olive and chilli Tiramisu Italian toad-in-the-hole (Won)

Creamy sausage ragu (Lost)

26/8/2011 Stacey Solomon Speed Burger Eating Prawn cocktail on crispy garlic bread Chicken in chilli sauce with Mexican rice Roast beef with mustard (Won)

Pork in pastry (Lost)

30/8/2011 Michelle Collins Cracking eggs Corned Beef baguette Seared salmon stir-fry BBQ citrus and honey chicken (Won)

BBQ lamb kebabs (Lost)

31/8/2011 Sally Lindsay Tablecloth Five-minute risotto Pork chop cacciatore Bacon, cheese and potato bake (Won)

Chicken wrapped in bacon with butternut mash (Lost)

1/9/2011 Carol Vorderman Oyster eating Sausages with tomato sauce Roasted Seabass with Italian salsa Classic lasagne (Won)

Italian-style fish bake (Lost)

2/9/2011 Beverley Knight Make the most ravioli in two minutesA Tagliatelle in creamy tartare sauce Swordfish with wild mushroom risotto Spicy roast leg of lamb (Won)

Roast pork belly (Lost)

AGino broke the Guinness World Record

Series 2[edit]

Original Air Date Celebrity guest(s) Gino's Challenge Quick 5 Minute Recipe Dish Of The Day Audience options/Choice
9/7/2012 Jason Manford Playing the red pepper and courgette Trumpet with the London vegetable orchestra The "Ultimate" fish finger sandwich Beef wellington Honey lemon roasted chicken with potatoes and broccoli (Won)

Caramelized lamb with butternut squash, mash and summer vegetables (Lost)

10/7/2012 Alex Jones Guess the TV Commercial star Tinned Soup Fish In A Bag With Fennel And Oranges Chicken Kiev with hedgehog potatoes (Won)

Chilli Con Carne (Lost)

11/7/2012 Theo Paphitis Boning and Slicing a Smoked Salmon The "Perfect" Cheese Omelette Smokey Pan Fried Squid With A Chorizo And Bean Salad Sticky Toffee Pudding With Homemade Banana Ice Cream (Won)

Nutty Chocolate Meringue Cake (Lost)

12/7/2012 Kerry Katona Teppanyaki challenge Pesto gnocchi with cream cheese Healthy sweet and sour chicken with egg-fried rice Fish stew with garlic croutons (Won)

Crispy salmon with herb sauce (Lost)

13/7/2012 Cheryl Fergison Pizza toppings Pesto gnocchi with cream cheese Moroccan vegetable pie Creamy butternut squash with a warm salad (Won)

Blue cheese and pine-nut risotto (Lost)

16/7/2012 Joanna Page Pea shooting Left-over chicken lasagne Slow-cook beef curry Pork wrapped in bacon with mustard sauce (Won)

Lamb chops with homemade mint sauce (Lost)

17/7/2012 Claire Richards Afternoon tea etiquette challenge with William Hanson Tuna sandwich Thai-style chicken burger Four-cheese pasta bake (Won)

Spaghetti bolognaise (Lost)

18/7/2012 Emma Bunton and Jade Jones Japanese Ice Balls Speedy minestrone with garlic croutons Red Velvet Cake Sticky ribs with corn on the cob and potato salad (Won)

Mexican fajitas (Lost)

19/7/2012 Jenny Eclair Walking on eggs Sausage and bean caserole Antipasto Summer fish pie with a green bean and rocket salad (Won)

Moussaka (Lost)

20/7/2012 Ann Widdecombe Pizza Acrobatics Mexican Styled Fried Eggs Arctic Roll Roasted Pork With Roast Potatoes And Red Cabbage (Won)

Summer Roast Beef With Tuscan Beans (Lost)

23/7/2012 Joe Pasquale Chopping carrots for a World Record Eggy crumpets with ham and cheese Flourless chocolate cake Chinese chilli chicken with coriander rice

Crispy beef noodle stir fry

24/7/2012 Miriam Margolyes Guess the TV Commercial star Burritos Crusty herb salmon with a chive and butter sauce Spinach and ricotta cannelloni (Won)

Cottage pie (Lost)

25/7/2012 Brian Dowling Wine Glass Music Salad With Poached Eggs Summer BBQ Steak and chips with peppercorn sauce (Won)

Pork Chop (Lost)

26/7/2012 Rav Wilding The Science of Food Chicken and Bacon club sandwich Healthy lamb samosas with green coconut chutney Peach and white chocolate tart (Won)

Roasted peach meringue roulade (Lost)

27/7/2012 Fatima Whitbread Sugar Ribbon Pulling Green vegetable curry Olympic picnic Chicken with tomato and tarragon sauce (Won)

Roasted spatchcock chicken (Lost)

13/8/2012 Nick Knowles Running across Custard A philly cheese sandwich Aubergine parmegiana Chinese sweet and sour pork balls with coriander rice (Won)

Chicken tagine with lemon couscous (Lost)

14/8/2012 Amy Childs Malaysian Tea Pulling Poor Man's Pasta Feta cheese, watermelon and basil salad Stuffed roast chicken thighs with sweet potato wedges (Won)

Sausages braised in cider with garlic potatoes (Lost)

15/8/2012 Peter Andre Guess the TV Commercial star Loaded Nachos Melting chocolate truffle cake with raspberries and cream Traditional Calzone Napoletano Pizza (Won)

Spaghetti Tart (Lost)

16/8/2012 Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford Food Magic Sweetcorn fritters with bacon, avocado and summer salsa Surf and Turf Gino's mum's upside down orange sponge (Won)

Baked cheesecake with amaretto and raisins (Lost)

17/8/2012 Keith Lemon Oral juggling Simple Pasta Salad Tomato bruschetta, chicken drumsticks and an Italian pasty Salmon fishcakes with poached eggs and white wine sauce (Won)

Eggs Royale with a cheats' hollandaise sauce (Lost)

20/8/2012 Charlene Tilton Eating 6 hot wingsB Leftover chicken kebabs Rhubarb and custard tart with clotted cream BBQ Lamb with a pea and mint salad (Won)

Chilli pesto fish fillets with green beans and new potatoes (Lost)

21/8/2012 Russell Grant Guess the TV Commercial star Fast spicy store-cupboard noodles Roast chicken with 40 cloves of garlic with tagliatelle Zingy lemon meringue pie (Won)

A boozy summer trifle (Lost)

22/8/2012 Alex James Carving potatoes Cheesy peas on toast Baked fish with summer roast vegetables Strawberry shortcake stack with lemon curd ice cream (Won)

Strawberry knickerbocker glory with brandy snap biscuits (Lost)

23/8/2012 Stacey Solomon Chopping Peppers in a minute Cheese and bean quesadillas Spicy fish and chips with minty mushy peas and potato wedges Turkey and basil meatballs with tomato sauce and bacon (Won)

Bang bang turkey with warm broccoli and noodle salad (Lost)

24/8/2012 Rufus Hound Making pottery with Ice Cream Linguine puttanesca Baked eggs with brie, mushrooms, spring onions and pancetta The Ultimate cheeseburger (Won)

Chicken korma (Lost)

28/8/2012 Jane McDonald Eating a bowl of pasta for a World Record Chicken with mustard and cream Summer roast pork belly with apple salsa Prawn chow mein noodles with sesame prawn toast (Won)

Pasta shells with sausage and broccoli (Lost)

29/8/2012 Gemma Collins No challenge, instead a Royal dining feature with William Hanson Boston Baked Beans Italian-style Paella Chicken, bacon and mushroom stuffed crepes with a pea and radish salad (Won)

Italian picnic pie (Lost)

30/8/2012 Lynda Bellingham Guess the TV Commercial star Corned Beef hash Linguine vongole Coconut prawn curry with garlic naan bread (Won)

Thai Chicken soup with vegetable noodles (Lost)

31/8/2012 Alan Carr Running across Custard for a World RecordA Smoked mackerel kedgeree Arrabiata meatloaf Beer baked chicken with jewelled cous cous (Won)

Artichoke and spinach tart with radish salad (Lost)

AGino broke the Guinness World Record
BGino did not attempt this challenge

Series 3[edit]

Original Air Date Celebrity guest(s) Gino's Challenge Quick 5 Minute Recipe Dish Of The Day Audience options/Choice
1/7/2013 Ashley Roberts Walk across 7 ft of broken wine bottles with bare feet Hot chicken sandwich with quick coleslaw Sticky chocolate and pecan brownies Rib eye steak with blue cheese butter and onion rings (Won)

Pork chops with mustard and cider sauce (Lost)

2/7/2013 Russell Kane Eat 80g of Watercress in less than 49.68 seconds Simple fluffy Omelette Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake Gino's Classic lasagne (Won)

Gino's tagliatelle bolognese (Lost)

3/7/2013 Mollie King and Vanessa White Wedding etiquette feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Spaghetti al pomodoro crudo Sticky banana and chocolate tart Spicy prawns with tomato, garlic and herbs (Won)

Summer fish pie (Lost)

4/7/2013 Rylan Clark Wrap five bags of chips in less than 58.04 seconds Loaded potato salad American Pancakes Spinach and ricotta cannelloni (Won)

Plum and ricotta tart (Lost)

5/7/2013 Julian Clary Eat a jam doughnut without licking his lips in less than 30.53 seconds Prawn and Rocket pasta Pineapple Upside Down cake Butterflied leg of lamb with summer salsa (Won)

Roasted pollock and potato puttanesca (Lost)

8/7/2013 Dominic Brunt Magic Tricks Challenge Spinach and watercress salad with bacon and pears Cherry tomato and fennel fricotta Strawberry and cream tart (Won)

Strawberry and pistachio meringues (Lost)

9/7/2013 Richard Madeley Eat a 12" pizza in less than 41.31 seconds Poached eggs with Parmesan and pesto Veal in lemon butter sauce Summer chicken one pan cobbler (Won)

Sticky pork and beans with coleslaw (Lost)

10/7/2013 Josie Gibson Restaurant dining feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Crunchy prawn baguette Chocolate Mousse Chinese Chicken hotpot (Won)

Steak and Ale pie (Lost)

11/7/2013 John Barrowman Whisk an egg to the stiff-peak stage faster than challenger Chicken with peach flatbreads Summer vegetable filo tart Chocolate tiramisu trifle (Won)

Creamy rice pot with amaretto and toasted almonds (Lost)

12/7/2013 Kim Woodburn Cocktail tricks Little pasta shells with Ham, egg and peas Flamed pineapple with rum and coconut flakes Roast pork belly with mashed potatoes (Won)

Lemon roast chicken with mint and pea salad (Lost)

15/7/2013 Christian Jessen Chinese dining etiquette feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Spicy leftover pork salad Super-light Lemon Drizzle cake Chicken fajitas (Won)

Summer clam and mussel stew with garlic bread (Lost)

16/7/2013 Emma Bunton Carry 12 glasses (27.6 kg) of stein at the same time Penne with creamy cheese and bacon Chilli, salt and pepper squid Hot chocolate Soufflé with raspberry sauce (Won)

Mini Doughnuts (Lost)

17/7/2013 JB Gill Decorate 45 cupcakes in the quickest time Gazpacho Simple chocolate macaroons Peri peri chicken burger (Won)

Chilli con carne (Lost)

18/7/2013 Emma Willis Play a tune using glass bottles with the Junk band Hot chicken Caesar salad Death by Chocolate Ultimate spicy pizza (Won)

Spaghetti Tart (Lost)

19/7/2013 Rav Wilding Date night etiquette feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Herbed salmon with garlic cream sauce Chocolate banana bread Pulled pork with barbecue sauce (Won)

Summer Roast Beef (Lost)

22/7/2013 Rufus Hound The most ice lollies eaten in 30 seconds Grilled avocado with sweetcorn Horsemeat burgers stuffed with talegio cheese Cookies and Cream semifreddo (Won)

Lemon and Mango tart (Lost)

23/7/2013 Deborah Meaden The most hotdogs made in one minute Quesadillas Speedy strawberry ice cream Pastitsio (Won)

Squid with fennel and tomato (Lost)

24/7/2013 Lee Ryan and Antony Costa Royal Christenings/etiquette feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Pea, Ham and Mint Salad Peach Melba with Brandy snap baskets Banana Bread and Butter Pudding (Won)

Focaccia 3 Ways (Lost)

25/7/2013 Jane McDonald Make the most ravioli in two minutesA Fish & Chips Sparkling Pimms Jelly Sticky BBQ chicken and ribs (Won)

Crabcakes with roasted red pepper sauce (Lost)

26/7/2013 Martin Kemp Clay pigeon shooting Sausage and mushroom tagliatelle Salmon carpaccio Chocolate meringue cake (Won)

Summer fruit champagne sundae with shortbread (Lost)

AGino broke the Guinness World Record

Series 4[edit]

Original Air Date Celebrity guest(s) Gino/Mel's Challenge Quick 5 Minute Recipe Dish Of The Day Audience options/Choice
14/7/2014[2] Keith Lemon Making a lemon out of sugar in under one minute Pick-me-up pasta Chicken schnitzel with potato salad Baked Lemon and Raspberry Cheesecake (Won)

Cherry and Pistachio Meringue (Lost)

15/7/2014 Keith Duffy Make ten 10" pizzas in one minute Toasted ham and cheese quesadilla with sweet tomato salsa Irish cream panna cotta with espresso caramel Crab tortellini with burnt butter and lemon sauce (Won)

Crispy fried squid with homemade chilli jam (Lost)

16/7/2014 Michelle Collins Making a sushi prawn roll in less than 38 seconds Pea and mint soup with crispy tortilla croutons Citrus trout with chickpea salad Mamma's bolognese with roasted tomato sauce (Won)

Chicken and mushroom open lasagne (Lost)

17/7/2014 Sharron Davies Make a wedding cake for Gary and Jo in less than two minutes Smoked mackerel salad with warm beetroots and horseradish dressing Venison sausages with Puttanesca sauce and fennel Gino's caprese cakeA
18/7/2014 Alfie Boe Pull as many pints as he can in one minute Garlic mushroom toast with oozing Taleggio cheese Summer chicken pie Sticky pork with coleslaw and chilli corn-on-the-cob (Won)

Roasted duck legs with sesame roasted peaches (Lost)

21/7/2014[3] Alan Carr Crush a barrel of grapes in less than 60 seconds Bubble and squeak cakes with fried eggs Posh chicken kebab with chilli dressing Fiery chilli con carne (Won)

Marinated lamb chops with Moroccan spiced Bulgar wheat (Lost)

22/7/2014 Suzi Perry Make as many fruit sticks as they can in less than two minutes Warm pear and blue cheese salad Roasted apricots with pistachio and cardamom biscotti Tomato tart tatin (Won)

Pan-fried grey mullet with cherry tomato couscous and green olive tapenade (Lost)

23/7/2014 Jodie Prenger Make as many ravioli as possible in one minute Bang bang chicken with radish and cucumber salad Nice and spicy Thai prawn curry Raspberry and prosecco jelly with lemon ice cream (Won)

Creamy rice pots with peaches (Lost)

24/7/2014 Katie Derham Making cocktails Lemon and courgette salmon pasta Mini sponge cakes Baked sea bass in thyme saltA
25/7/2014 Peter Andre Making a nine plait loaf of bread in the fastest time Herb pancakes with avocado and bacon Gino's BBQ desserts Pot roasted whole chicken with chorizo (Won)

Summer roast beef (Lost)

28/7/2014 Iwan Thomas Scotch egg relay in two minutes Panzanella salad Pimped up hot dogs Vanilla creme brulee with summer berries (Won)

Mango tart (Lost)

29/7/2014 Rufus Hound Milking a cow Gnocchi with blue cheese sauce Pulled pork pizza Summer chicken stew with lemon and white wine (Won)

Summer fish pie (Lost)

30/7/2014 Carol Decker Build the top of a Croquembouche Deviled egg salad Chicken Kiev Black forest gateau (Won)

Pineapple upside down cake (Lost)

31/7/2014 Adam Hills Pasty crimping Tomato, apple and mozzarella stack Lamb koftas with homemade hummus, flatbreads and pickled beetroot Gnocchi with courgettes in butter and sage sauceA
1/8/2014 Natasha Kaplinsky Pulling as many 99 ice creams in one minute Cajun pork with sweetcorn salsa Mississippi Mud Pie Summer vegetable risotto (Won)

Aubergine Parmigiana (Lost)

4/8/2014 Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard Filling as many dougnuts with jam as possible in 1 minute Sticky BBQ chicken with quick new potato salad Sub-roll sticks Strawberry and white chocolate millefeuille (Won)

Sweet apricot tart (Lost)

5/8/2014 Anastacia Making as many balls of Arancini in one minute Griddled asparagus, poached egg and salmon with a lemon dressing Sliced sirloin steak with Italian roast potatoes and tomato & mozzarella salsa Chicken with a porcini mushroom sauce and wild rice (Won)

Herby chicken meatballs with a coconut and noodle broth (Lost)

6/8/2014 Samia Ghadie Fill 30 macrons in the fastest time Chicken, cous cous and orange salad Crab and apple tart with apple salad Baked Alaska with Summer fruits (Won)

Meringue with summer fruits (Lost)

7/8/2014 Louis Smith and Adam Ant Cutting as many slices of pata negra ham in one minute Griddled peach salad and mozzarella wrapped in pancetta Caribbean spiced monkfish Mel's Mum's Chicken BiryianiA
8/8/2014 Martin Kemp Making as many sticks of candy floss in 90 seconds Pasta with spinach, watercress and rocket pesto Gino's Pastilla Slow roasted belly of pork with creamy cannellini beans (Won)

Lemon and green olive roast chicken (Lost)

AThese episodes were pre-recorded and therefore there were no audience options, so Gino cooked set dishes instead.

Let's Do Christmas with Gino & Mel[edit]

Let's Do Christmas with Gino & Mel
Let's Do Christmas with Gino and Mel.png
Presented byMelanie Sykes
Gino D'Acampo
No. of series3
No. of episodes30
Original networkITV, STV, UTV
Original release10 December 2012 (2012-12-10) –
19 December 2014

Let's Do Christmas with Gino & Mel was a Christmas spin-off of Let's Do Lunch, which aired on ITV from 2012 until 2014. The series showed viewers how to cook easy meals during the Christmas period. Much like the regular series, Let's Do Christmas was hosted by D'Acampo and Sykes, along with a celebrity guest appearing in each episode. This, unlike the main series was pre-recorded and not broadcast LIVE.

There were several changes made to the studio set and format such as Christmas decorations that appear on the usual set. The series are pre-recorded at The London Studios in the summer of each year. As episodes were not broadcast live, the viewers recipe vote was dropped. In its place, Gino made another dish.

Let's Do Christmas has not returned to television since its third series in 2014. There was no fourth series in 2015, A re-run aired in place.


Series Start date End date Episodes
1 10 December 2012 21 December 2012 10
2 15 December 2013 24 December 2013 10
3 8 December 2014[4] 19 December 2014 10

Episode guide[edit]

Series 1[edit]

Air date Celebrity guest Gino's challenge Recipes
10/12/2012 David Gest Making more Irish coffees than the challenger in a minute Cheat's Christmas Pudding • Prawn and Crab Cocktail • Slow Roasted Vegetable Soup • Leftover Turkey and Ham Pie
11/12/2012 Christopher Biggins Eating as many Brussels Sprouts in a minuteA Roast Cola Ham • Baked camembert • Quick Salmon pate • Chocolate orange mousse cake
12/12/2012 Oz Clarke Christmas party etiquette feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Baked Big Breakfast • Perfect Roast Potatoes • Christmas roast beef with thyme onions
13/12/2012 Louie Spence Decorating a Gingerbread House in 90 seconds Vegetarian Christmas Wellington • Parsnip and Parmesan mash • Peas and pancetta • Christmas panettone trifle
14/12/2012 Sherrie Hewson Making Japanese Christmas Decorations Turkey curry and festive rice • Cheese and marmite straws • Crostini with blue cheese dressing • Christmas Roast Pork
17/12/2012 Anton Du Beke Eating 3 Mince Pies in a minuteA Fried Christmas pudding with clotted cream • Homemade piccalilli • Apple and rosemary jelly • Mulled Wine
18/12/2012 Jodie Prenger Playing a Christmas song on Handbells Turkey and cranberry risotto • Festive sprout gratin • Festive Fruit punch • Ice cream bombe
19/12/2012 Craig Revel Horwood Making a Christmas reath in a minute Leftover cheese board fondue • Sticky red cabbage with apples and cider • Orange glazed baby carrots and onions • Seafood platter with saffron and lime mayonnaise
20/12/2012 Rhod Gilbert Carving a turkey in 90 seconds Christmas pork terrine • Mustard glazed chicken wings • Baked Stilton mushrooms
21/12/2012 Paul Nicholas Making more than forty chocolate truffles in 2 minutesB No bake Irish liqueur cheesecake • Smoked salmon and herb roulade

AGino attempted to break the Guinness World Record but failed
BGino broke the Guinness World Record

Series 2[edit]

Air date Celebrity guest(s) Gino's challenge Recipes
15/12/2013 Cheryl Fergison Most bottles of champagne opened in one minuteB Seafood platter • Christmas pinwheels with sundried-tomatoes and feta • Pea and pecorino crostini • Chocolate Christmas pudding with brandy custard and salted caramel ice cream
16/12/2013 Sally Lindsay Pour a glass of champagne and make a cocktail whilst being upside down Last minute Christmas cake • Leftover turkey and ham pie • Roast goose with port and orange gravy
17/12/2013 Christopher Biggins Open a bottle of port using a feather Festive pork wellington • Make-ahead gravy • Christmas pudding soufflé
18/12/2013 Shane Filan Christmas etiquette feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Roast crown of lamb with mint jelly • Apricot, chilli and walnut stuffing • Hot gingerbread punch • Profiteroles with chocolate sauce
19/12/2013 Melanie Chisholm and Matt Cardle Most jumpers put on in one minuteA Christmas fish soup • Cranberry glazed sausages with mustard mayonnaise • Dressed mozzarella balls with parma ham • Bread sauce • Leftover turkey enchiladas
20/12/2013 Craig Revel Horwood Fastest time to decorate a Christmas treeA Black forest gateau trifle • Sautéed sprouts with almonds and lemon • Maple and cayenne roasted parsnips • Roast pork with pear gravy
21/12/2013 Joe Pasquale Fill four sherry glasses using a Valencia Slow roast leg of lamb with braised peas • Ham hock and parsley terrine • Mulled cider • Chocolate honeycomb mousse cake
22/12/2013 Bruno Tonioli Christmas etiquette feature with William Hanson (no challenge) Filo mince pies • Sweet chilli prawn bites • Stilton and apple crostini • Horseradish sauce • Roast rib of beef inside a giant Yorkshire pudding
23/12/2013 Oz Clarke Oral juggling, play the tune of "Jingle Bells" Baked mustard and ginger ham with pineapple chutney • Potted shrimps • Christmas clementine pavlova
24/12/2013 Billy Ocean Most jumpers put on in one minuteB Christmas Roast Turkey • Homemade Cranberry sauce • Vegetable terrine with roasted garlic bread • Italian roast potatoes with carrots in tarragon and garlic with pigs in blankets1

AGino attempted to break the Guinness World Record but failed
BGino broke the Guinness World Record

Series 3[edit]

Air date Celebrity guest(s) Gino's challenge Recipes
8/12/2014[4] Catherine Tyldesley Make three Yule logs in under 90 seconds Smoked Salmon Fishcakes with lemon crème fraiche • Fillet of Beef with Mushroom Rarebit topping • Porchetta
9/12/2014 Elaine Paige Serving six guests Pan-fried figs wrapped in parma ham • Cheats three bird roast • Tiramisu cake
10/12/2014 Warwick Davis Make a layered Kransekage cake in one minute Spicy sprout rice with griddled prawns • Apple and blackberry crumble with boozy custard • Salmon Coulibiac
11/12/2014 Jason Gardiner Make 9 Christmas canapés Quick Broccoli and Cauliflower soup with crispy chestnuts • Pimped up mince pies • Open Vegan Lasagna
12/12/2014 Ashley Roberts Make a Christmas cocktail Pomegranate and cranberry cous cous salad with chicken • Emergency hearty canapés • Ham with pear and cider sauce
15/12/2014 Theo Paphitis The most nuts cracked and dipped in chocolate within one minute Brick-turkey with balsamic red onions • Mexican eggs • Venison with a rich brandy and porcini mushroom sauce
16/12/2014 Aled Jones and Tom Chambers Decorate a cupcake with a snowman made of icing and liquorice in under one minute Kale and pancetta potato cakes • Slow cooked beef brisket • Christmas pudding trifle
17/12/2014 Zoë Wanamaker Quick risotto with smoked haddock • Chicken tarragon Christmas crackers • Pulled lamb shoulder with winter coleslaw
18/12/2014 Simon Callow Making decorations with vegetables Creamy sprout and leek stroganoff • Coddled eggs • Roasted pheasant crown with spiced red cabbage
19/12/2014 Mark Foster Dressed in a Christmas pudding suit picking presents Roast turkey and all the sticky trimmings


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