Libertarian Party of Arizona

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Arizona Libertarian Party
ChairpersonHoward Blitz
Senate leaderNone
House leaderNone
Headquarters4635 S. Lakeshore Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282
National affiliationLibertarian Party (United States)
Colorsa shade of Blue; Yellow
Seats in the Upper House
0 / 30
Seats in the Lower House
0 / 60

The Arizona Libertarian Party[1] is the Arizona affiliate of the Libertarian Party. As of 2018, the state chairman is Howard Blitz, with Kevin McCormick as the first vice chairman.[2] As of 2018, there were 31,554 registered libertarians in Arizona.[3]

Current elected officials[edit]

  • Levi Tappan, Page City Council (elected Nov 2013)[4]
  • Scott Stewart, Pima County Community College Board
  • Ruth E. Bennett, Continental Elementary School District Board

Election history[edit]

The party struggled to field candidates in 2016 due to a dramatic increase in signature requirements by state Republicans to limit Libertarians on the ballot.[5] However, Libertarian Justice of the Peace Candidate Gregory Kelly was able to overcome the new signature requirements to get on the ballot, and achieved 25,356 votes (31.56%) in the Highland District race.[6]

The Libertarian party's most successful candidate in 2014 by both percentage and votes was Maricopa County Assessor candidate Becca Kielsky with 208,394, or 29.26% of the votes. The most successful candidate in 2012 by both percentage and votes was Maricopa County Attorney candidate Michael Kielsky with 288,281, or 27.55% of the votes.

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