Libertarian Party of Maryland

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Libertarian Party of Maryland
ChairpersonEric Blitz
Senate leaderNone
House leaderNone
National affiliationLibertarian Party (United States)
Colorsa shade of Blue; Yellow

The Libertarian Party of Maryland is the Maryland affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is Eric Blitz. The party, also known as "LPMaryland," or "LPMD" is Maryland's third-largest political party, with 13,549 registered voters across the state as of March 31, 2014. [1] According to its website, the party "speaks to the proper relationship between the state and the individual; it does not speak to what individuals ought to do morally. The state exists to protect it's [sic] residents and their property from those that would harm."[2] LPMaryland also forms coalitions with other civic organizations who share at least some common ground with libertarians, including groups that concern themselves primarily with civil liberties, world peace, fiscal restraint, and government reform. The official views of the party on state-level policy issues are set forth in the Libertarian Party of Maryland Platform.


The Libertarian Party of Maryland is governed primarily by its Constitution and Bylaws. The Constitution and By-laws entrust all party decision-making to the State Central Committee.[citation needed] Currently, any Maryland resident who is an official party member may become a voting member of the Central Committee as long as he or she is a registered Libertarian and certifies that he or she agrees with the principle that no person (or group of persons) has the right to seek to attain values by initiating the use of force or fraud against any other person (or group of persons). This is one version of the "non-aggression principle," a fundamental principle of liberty and limited government.

Operational management of the party is entrusted to an executive board of the State Central Committee. The board is composed of a chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary, as well as three at-large members. The current membership of the executive board (elected to serve through the 2016 Convention) is as follows:

Chair: Eric Blitz
Vice-Chair: Krystal Woodworth
Treasurer: Robert S. Johnston III
Secretary: Robert E. Glaser
At-Large Members: Kyle O'Donnell, Otto Dassing, David Dull

The Libertarian Party of Maryland is one of only four political parties that currently enjoy official recognition by the Maryland State Board of Elections.[citation needed] Its ability to continue nominating candidates for office without qualifying each candidate separately ("ballot access" for short) depends on its ability to demonstrate sufficient popular support for the party every four years in gubernatorial elections.

Electoral history[edit]

James Cook is a Libertarian elected to Rock Hall City Council in 2021.

Muir Boda is a Libertarian elected to the Salisbury City Council in 2015.

Shawn Quinn was the candidate of the Libertarian Party for Governor of Maryland in the 2018 Maryland gubernatorial election.[3]

David Lashar is the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Maryland in the 2022 Maryland gubernatorial election.[4]

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