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Lieutenant admiral is a senior naval military rank in some countries of the world.

In the Royal Netherlands Navy the rank of lieutenant admiral (Dutch: luitenant-admiraal) is a four star rank, senior to vice admiral (Dutch: vice-admiraal) and equivalent to (full) admiral in most other navies. The rank of admiral is ceremonially reserved for a prince of the house of Oranje-Nassau or the king; but is no longer active.

During the seventeenth century, the senior fleet commanders Michiel de Ruyter and Cornelis Tromp, had the rank of lieutenant admiral general (Dutch: luitenant-admiraal-generaal) to distinguish them from other naval officers with the rank lieutenant admiral.

The Swedish word for Lieutenant admiral is: amiralitetslöjtnant.

Other countries[edit]

Equivlent to OF-8[edit]

Equivalent to OF-9[edit]

  • Brazil (Almirante-de-Esquadra)
  • Italy (Ammiraglio de squadra con incarichi speciali)