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The beach at Tourmaline Surfing Park in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

This list of California beaches is a list of beaches that are situated along the coastline of the State of California, US. The information in this article draws extensively from the California Coastal Access Guide, a comprehensive resource that provides detailed information on over 1150 public access points along California's extensive 1271-mile coastline.

North to South[edit]

The beaches are listed in order from north to south, and are grouped by county. The list includes all of the California State Beaches, but not all other beaches are listed here. In some cases (as indicated), more detailed list articles of beaches are available for certain areas of the coast, currently for Sonoma County and San Diego County.

Del Norte County[edit]

Humboldt County[edit]

Mendocino County[edit]

Sonoma County[edit]

Numbers in parentheses are Geographic Names Information System feature ids.[1][2]

Sonoma County ocean beaches[edit]

Coastal beaches, listed from north to south:

Sonoma County inland (river) beaches[edit]

Marin County[edit]

Contra Costa County[edit]

Alameda County[edit]

San Francisco County[edit]

San Francisco Bay

Pacific Ocean

San Mateo County[edit]

Santa Cruz County[edit]

Monterey County[edit]

San Luis Obispo County[edit]

Santa Barbara County[edit]

Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara, California

Ventura County[edit]

Los Angeles County[edit]

Orange County[edit]

San Diego County[edit]

State beaches[edit]

California State Beaches are beaches designated as such by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. State beaches are part of the California State Parks system.

For a more detailed list beaches in the San Diego area, see List of beaches in San Diego, California.

Image Name GNIS record County State website
Asilomar State Beach 218439 Monterey Asilomar SB
Bean Hollow State Beach 1723270 San Mateo Bean Hollow SB
Bolsa Chica State Beach 239536 Orange Bolsa Chica SB
Cardiff State Beach 240237 San Diego Cardiff SB
Carlsbad State Beach 249687 San Diego Carlsbad SB
Carmel River State Beach 220609 Monterey Carmel River SB
Carpinteria State Beach 270313 Santa Barbara Carpinteria SB
Caspar Headlands State Beach 1724165 Mendocino Caspar Headlands SB
Cayucos State Beach 240375 San Luis Obispo Cayucos SB
Corona del Mar State Beach 1702603 Orange Corona Del Mar SB
Dockweiler State Beach 241524 Los Angeles Dockweiler SB
Doheny State Beach 241533 Orange Doheny SB
El Capitán State Beach 241880 Santa Barbara El Capitán SB
Emma Wood State Beach 1702920 Ventura Emma Wood SB
Gray Whale Cove State Beach 1723276 San Mateo Gray Whale Cove SB
Greenwood State Beach 1724191 Mendocino Greenwood SB
Half Moon Bay State Beach 1786144 San Mateo Half Moon Bay SB
Huntington State Beach 243744 Orange Huntington SB
Leucadia State Beach 247685 San Diego Leucadia SB
Lighthouse Field State Beach 1872836 Santa Cruz Lighthouse Field SB
Little River State Beach 227347 Humboldt Little River SB
Malibu Lagoon State Beach 1702794 Los Angeles Malibu Lagoon SB
Mandalay State Beach 1702925 Ventura Mandalay SB
Manresa State Beach 228029 Santa Cruz Manresa SB
Marina State Beach 252373 Monterey Marina SB
McGrath State Beach 1702928 Ventura McGrath SB
Montara State Beach 1723278 San Mateo Montara SB
Monterey State Beach 228966 Monterey Monterey SB
Moonlight State Beach 246169 San Diego Moonlight SB
Morro Strand State Beach 246229 San Luis Obispo Morro Strand SB
Moss Landing State Beach 1703619 Monterey Moss Landing SB
Natural Bridges State Beach 229428 Santa Cruz Natural Bridges SB
New Brighton State Beach 229483 Santa Cruz New Brighton SB
Pacifica State Beach San Mateo Pacifica SB
Pelican State Beach 230476 Del Norte Pelican SB
Pescadero State Beach 1723284 San Mateo Pescadero SB
Pismo State Beach 247580 San Luis Obispo Pismo SB
Point Dume State Beach 1702802 Los Angeles Point Dume SB
Point Sal State Beach 247646 Santa Barbara Point Sal SB
Pomponio State Beach 1723286 San Mateo Pomponio SB
Refugio State Beach 248114 Santa Barbara Refugio SB
Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach Los Angeles Robert H. Meyer Memorial SB
Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach 1702823 Alameda Robert W. Crown Memorial SB
Salinas River State Beach 1703621 Monterey Salinas River SB
San Buenaventura State Beach 248809 Ventura San Buenaventura SB
San Clemente State Beach 248818 Orange San Clemente SB
San Elijo State Beach 248837 San Diego San Elijo SB
San Gregorio State Beach 1723289 San Mateo San Gregorio SB
San Onofre State Beach 248937 San Diego San Onofre SB
Santa Monica State Beach 238365 Los Angeles Santa Monica SB
Schooner Gulch State Beach 1724251 Mendocino Schooner Gulch SB
Seacliff State Beach 232753 Santa Cruz Seacliff SB
Silver Strand State Beach 1702940 San Diego Silver Strand SB
South Carlsbad State Beach 249687 San Diego South Carlsbad SB
Sunset State Beach 235818 Santa Cruz Sunset SB
Thornton State Beach 236292 San Mateo Thornton SB
Torrey Pines State Beach 1702728 San Diego Torrey Pines SB
Trinidad State Beach 236546 Humboldt Trinidad SB
Twin Lakes State Beach 217930 Santa Cruz Twin Lakes SB
Westport-Union Landing State Beach 237565 Mendocino Westport-Union Landing SB
Will Rogers State Beach 251579 Los Angeles Will Rogers SB
William Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach 243323 San Luis Obispo William Randolph Hearst Memorial SB
Zmudowski State Beach 238324 Monterey Zmudowski SB

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  • California Coastal Access Guide, Seventh Edition, published by the University of California Press in 2014. ISBN 978-0520278172. Compiled by the California Coastal Commission, this guide provides comprehensive details on over 1150 public coastal access points along California's 1271-mile shoreline.

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