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The Norwegian football league champions (Norwegian: Seriemester i fotball) are the winners of the highest-level football league in Norway. The League of Norway was competed three times with eleven conferences and play-offs from 1937–38 to 1947–48. It was then replaced by the two-conference Main League, which was replaced by the single-conference First Division in 1963. The top tier changed its name to the Tippeligaen in 1990, and to the current Eliteserien for 2017 and beyond. The winners of this title are not considered Norwegian football champions, as the title is reserved for the winners of the Norwegian Football Cup.

Sixteen clubs from ten cities have won the honor. With 22 titles Rosenborg is the most successful team, including 13 consecutive titles from 1992 through 2004. In the early years, Fredrikstad was highly successful, winning the first two titles and taking nine titles until 1960–61. Viking then took over dominance and rose to become the second-most winning team with their four consecutive titles from 1972 through 1975. The double—winning the league and cup the same season—has occurred fourteen times by six clubs.


Attempts to create a national league were started in 1914–16 with the Test League, although this never held any official status. The first official league competition was the League of Norway, which started being contested in the 1937–38 season. It consisted of eleven double round robin conferences, each with six or seven teams, with the conference winners playing a two-legged, four-round play-off. Only two full seasons were contested before it was interrupted by World War II, but the league saw a final season be competed in 1947–48. The Main League started in the 1948–49 season, and saw two conferences each with eight teams. At the season end, the conference winners met for a two-legged final. In the 1959–60 and 1960–61, also bronze matches were played between the two conference runners-up.

The final season, in 1961–62, saw all 16 teams collected in a single league which was played over one and a half years. Starting with the 1963, ten team were collected into a single league, named the First Division. At the same time, the season changed from a winter to a summer league. From the 1972 season, teams from Northern Norway were also allowed to participate in the First Division, for the first time creating a pan-national league. The same season saw the number of teams increase from ten to twelve. The league was renamed to Tippeligaen in 1990, after the sponsor Norsk Tipping, and in 1997 a single-conference league was created below the top league for the first time. The Tippeligaen was expanded to 14 teams from the 1995 season and to 16 teams from the 2009 season.

By year[edit]

The following is a list of winners (gold), runners-up (silver) and third place (bronze) teams in the highest-level football league in Norway. It also includes the top scorer and the number of scored goals, and shows teams which won the double.[1]

* Team won the double by winning the Norwegian Football Cup the same season
Season League Gold Silver Bronze Winning manager
1937–38 League of Norway Fredrikstad* Lyn
1938–39 League of Norway Fredrikstad Skeid
1947–48 League of Norway Freidig Sparta
1948–49 Main League Fredrikstad Vålerenga
1949–50 Main League Fram Larvik Fredrikstad
1950–51 Main League Fredrikstad Odd
1951–52 Main League Fredrikstad Brann
1952–53 Main League Larvik Turn Skeid
1953–54 Main League Fredrikstad Skeid
1954–55 Main League Larvik Turn Fredrikstad
1955–56 Main League Larvik Turn Fredrikstad
1956–57 Main League Fredrikstad* Odd
1957–58 Main League Viking Skeid Monsen, GeorgGeorg Monsen
William Danielsen
Jens Opsahl
1958–59 Main League Lillestrøm Fredrikstad Gudmundson, KarlKarl Gudmundson
Rolf Brubak
1959–60 Main League Fredrikstad* Lillestrøm Eik-Tønsberg
1960–61 Main League Fredrikstad Eik-Tønsberg Vålerenga
1961–62 Main League Brann Steinkjer Fredrikstad Hansen, OddvarOddvar Hansen
1963 First Division Brann Lyn Skeid Hansen, OddvarOddvar Hansen
1964 First Division Lyn Fredrikstad Sarpsborg Sveinsson, JohnJohn Sveinsson
1965 First Division Vålerenga Lyn Sarpsborg Ploderer, AntonAnton Ploderer
1966 First Division Skeid Fredrikstad Lyn
1967 First Division Rosenborg Skeid Lyn Næss, KnutKnut Næss
1968 First Division Lyn* Rosenborg Viking Osnes, KnutKnut Osnes
1969 First Division Rosenborg Fredrikstad Strømsgodset Curtis, GeorgeGeorge Curtis
1970 First Division Strømsgodset* Rosenborg Ham-Kam Larsen, EinarEinar Larsen
1971 First Division Rosenborg* Lyn Viking Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1972 First Division Viking Fredrikstad Strømsgodset Schou-Andreassen, KjellKjell Schou-Andreassen
1973 First Division Viking Rosenborg Start Andersen, SverreSverre Andersen
1974 First Division Viking Molde Vålerenga Williams, StuartStuart Williams
1975 First Division Viking Brann Start Nilsen, OlavOlav Nilsen
1976 First Division Lillestrøm Mjøndalen Brann Hoff, JoarJoar Hoff
1977 First Division Lillestrøm* Bodø/Glimt Molde Hooley, JoeJoe Hooley
1978 First Division Start Lillestrøm Viking Johannessen, KarstenKarsten Johannessen
1979 First Division Viking* Moss Start Knapp, TonyTony Knapp
1980 First Division Start Bryne Lillestrøm Johannessen, KarstenKarsten Johannessen
1981 First Division Vålerenga Viking Rosenborg Eriksen, LeifLeif Eriksen
1982 First Division Viking Bryne Lillestrøm Schou-Andreassen, KjellKjell Schou-Andreassen
1983 First Division Vålerenga Lillestrøm Start Bengtsson, GunderGunder Bengtsson
1984 First Division Vålerenga Viking Start Bengtsson, GunderGunder Bengtsson
Per Anders Sjøvold
1985 First Division Rosenborg Lillestrøm Vålerenga Dokken, ArneArne Dokken
Bjørn Hansen
1986 First Division Lillestrøm Mjøndalen Kongsvinger Lund, TomTom Lund
1987 First Division Moss Molde Kongsvinger Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1988 First Division Rosenborg* Lillestrøm Molde Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1989 First Division Lillestrøm Rosenborg Tromsø Hay, DavidDavid Hay
1990 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Tromsø Molde Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1991 Tippeligaen Viking Rosenborg Start Lennartsson, BennyBenny Lennartsson
1992 Tippeligaen Rosenborg* Kongsvinger Start Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1993 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Bodø/Glimt Lillestrøm Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1994 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Lillestrøm Viking Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1995 Tippeligaen Rosenborg* Molde Bodø/Glimt Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1996 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Lillestrøm Viking Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1997 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Brann Strømsgodset Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
1998 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Molde Stabæk Sollied, TrondTrond Sollied
1999 Tippeligaen Rosenborg* Molde Brann Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
2000 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Brann Viking Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
2001 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Lillestrøm Viking Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
2002 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Molde Lyn Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
2003 Tippeligaen Rosenborg* Bodø/Glimt Stabæk Hareide, ÅgeÅge Hareide
2004 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Vålerenga Brann Rise, Ola ByOla By Rise
2005 Tippeligaen Vålerenga Start Lyn Rekdal, KjetilKjetil Rekdal
2006 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Brann Vålerenga Torom, KnutKnut Tørum
Per-Mathias Høgmo
2007 Tippeligaen Brann Stabæk Viking Mjelde, Mons IvarMons Ivar Mjelde
2008 Tippeligaen Stabæk Fredrikstad Tromsø Jonsson, JanJan Jönsson
2009 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Molde Stabæk Hamrén, ErikErik Hamrén
2010 Tippeligaen Rosenborg Vålerenga Tromsø Eggen, Nils ArneNils Arne Eggen
Erik Hamrén
2011 Tippeligaen Molde Tromsø Rosenborg Solskjær, Ole GunnarOle Gunnar Solskjær
2012 Tippeligaen Molde Strømsgodset Rosenborg Solskjær, Ole GunnarOle Gunnar Solskjær
2013 Tippeligaen Strømsgodset Rosenborg Haugesund Deila, RonnyRonny Deila
2014 Tippeligaen Molde* Rosenborg Odd Skullerud, Tor OleTor Ole Skullerud
2015 Tippeligaen Rosenborg* Strømsgodset Stabæk Ingebrigtsen, KåreKåre Ingebrigtsen
2016 Tippeligaen Rosenborg* Brann Odd Ingebrigtsen, KåreKåre Ingebrigtsen

By club[edit]

The following is a breakdown of top three league positions by team and also presents the team's home city or town.

Club City Gold Silver Bronze Winning years
Rosenborg Trondheim 24 6 3 1967, 1969, 1971, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016
Fredrikstad Fredrikstad 9 9 1 1937–38, 1938–39, 1948–49, 1950–51, 1951–52, 1953–54, 1956–57, 1959–60, 1960–61
Viking Stavanger 8 2 9 1957–58, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1982, 1991
Lillestrøm Skedsmo 5 8 3 1958–59, 1976, 1977, 1986, 1989
Vålerenga Oslo 5 3 3 1965, 1981, 1983, 1984, 2005
Brann Bergen 3 5 3 1961–62, 1963, 2007
Larvik Turn Larvik 3 0 0 1952-53, 1954–55, 1955–56
Molde Molde 3 7 3 2011, 2012, 2014
Lyn Oslo 2 5 4 1964, 1968
Strømsgodset Drammen 2 2 3 1970, 2013
Start Kristiansand 2 1 7 1978, 1980
Skeid Oslo 1 5 1 1966
Stabæk Bærum 1 2 4 2008
Moss Moss 1 1 0 1987
Fram Larvik Larvik 1 0 0 1949–50
Freidig Trondheim 1 0 0 1947–48
Bodø/Glimt Bodø 0 3 1
Tromsø Tromsø 0 2 3
Odd Skien 0 2 1
Bryne Bryne 0 2 0
Mjøndalen Nedre Eiker 0 2 0
Kongsvinger Kongsvinger 0 1 2
Eik-Tønsberg Tønsberg 0 1 1
Sparta Sarpsborg 0 1 0
Steinkjer Steinkjer 0 1 0
Sarpsborg Sarpsborg 0 0 2
Ham-Kam Hamar 0 0 1
Haugesund Haugesund 0 0 1


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