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Banks in Italy have, as of 11 October 2008, an average leverage ratio (assets/liabilities) of 12 to 1, while the banks's short-term liabilities are equal to 86% of the Italian GDP or 43% of the Italian national debt.[1]

List of large banks[edit]

This is a list of Italian banks ranked by market capitalization.

(According to Il Sole 24 ore, 1 January 2014)

Rank Company Market Capitalisation (Euro)
1 Unicredit - Capitalia 32.5 billion
2 Intesa Sanpaolo 28.9 billion
3 Mediobanca 5.7 billion
4 Ubi Banca 4.5 billion
5 Banco Popolare 2.6 billion
6 B Monte Paschi Siena 2.1 billion
7 Banca Pop. Milano 1.5 billion
8 Banca Carige 1.0 billion
9 Credito Emiliano 1.4 billion

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