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Iran at the Olympic Games

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This is a list of flag bearers who have represented Iran at the Olympics.[1]

Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

# Event Year Season Flag bearer Sport
1 1948 Summer Baharmast, MostafaMostafa Baharmast Official
2 1952 Summer Namjoo, MahmoudMahmoud Namjoo Weightlifting
3 1956 Winter Farzami, SimonSimon Farzami Official
4 1956 Summer Namjoo, MahmoudMahmoud Namjoo Weightlifting
5 1960 Summer Salmasi, JafarJafar Salmasi Official
6 1964 Winter Meguerdounian, OvanessOvaness Meguerdounian Alpine skiing
7 1964 Summer Shahmir, NosratollahNosratollah Shahmir Official
8 1968 Winter Meguerdounian, OvanessOvaness Meguerdounian Alpine skiing
9 1968 Summer Anvari, AbolfazlAbolfazl Anvari Wrestling
10 1972 Winter Meguerdounian, OvanessOvaness Meguerdounian Official
11 1972 Summer Movahed, AbdollahAbdollah Movahed Wrestling
12 1976 Winter Kiashemshaki, LotfollahLotfollah Kiashemshaki Official
13 1976 Summer Eskandar-Filabi, MoslemMoslem Eskandar-Filabi Wrestling
14 1988 Summer Zahedi, HassanHassan Zahedi Taekwondo
15 1992 Summer Soleimani, AlirezaAlireza Soleimani Wrestling
16 1996 Summer Fariman, LidaLida Fariman Shooting
17 1998 Winter Shemshaki, HassanHassan Shemshaki Alpine skiing
18 2000 Summer Khadem, Amir RezaAmir Reza Khadem Wrestling
19 2002 Winter Kalhor, BagherBagher Kalhor Alpine skiing
20 2004 Summer Miresmaeili, ArashArash Miresmaeili Judo
21 2006 Winter Saveh-Shemshaki, AlidadAlidad Saveh-Shemshaki Alpine skiing
22 2008 Summer Hosseini, HomaHoma Hosseini Rowing
23 2010 Winter Kalhor, MarjanMarjan Kalhor Alpine skiing
24 2012 Summer Mazaheri, AliAli Mazaheri Boxing
25 2014 Winter Saveh-Shemshaki, HosseinHossein Saveh-Shemshaki Alpine skiing

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