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The following is a list of politicians who hold or held office while having a significant physical disability.





  • Graham Edwards, member of the House of Representatives (lost both legs during the Vietnam War)
  • John Hyde, member of the House of Representatives (lost an arm in a farming accident)
  • George Maxwell, member of the House of Representatives (deteriorating eyesight, eventually went blind)
  • Gregor McGregor, senator for South Australia (deteriorating eyesight, eventually went blind)
  • Alby Schultz, member of the House of Representatives (blind in one eye after accident with hydrochloric acid)
  • Jordon Steele-John, senator for Western Australia (cerebral palsy, wheelchair user)


  • Mara Gabrilli, current member of the Brazilian National Congress (tetraplegic due to a car accident)
  • Golbery do Couto e Silva, chief of staff of Geisel and Figueiredo administrations (blind in one eye)



Czech Republic[edit]

Dominican Republic[edit]




  • Iliesa Delana, member of Parliament and Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports (since 2014); Paralympic gold medallist (leg amputee due to an accident as a child)





  • Abdurrahman Wahid, famous cleric and the head of largest Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama, former parliament member, founder of National Awakening Party - Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa, President of the Republic of Indonesia (1999–2001) (blinded due to a car accident, suspected sabotage by a military regime)




Kingdom of Jerusalem[edit]


  • Karpal Singh, member of parliament for Bukit Gelugor (a full-time wheelchair user, due to car accident, with neurological problems in his right arm)[8]


New Zealand[edit]



Republic of Venice[edit]


  • Said Amirov, former mayor of Makhachkala (paralysed as a result of one of many assassination attempts)
  • Vasily II, the Grand Prince of Moscow (was blinded by his captors in 1446); regained power and reigned until his death in 1462

San Marino[edit]

Solomon Islands[edit]

  • Martin Magga, Minister for Health (became ill and needed to use a wheelchair in 2009 while serving); resigned from the Cabinet but retained his seat in Parliament in the 2010 general election; served as MP, in a wheelchair, until his death in 2014

Soviet Union[edit]

Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Senarath Attanayake, Member of Uva Provincial Council; first elected representative with a disability in Sri Lanka; first person with a disability to hold ministerial portfolios (Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, Land and Forestry) and to become an Acting Chief Minister of a Province; first person with a disability to become a lawyer in Sri Lanka (full-time wheelchair user due to polio infection at the age of two)


  • Rama IX, King of Thailand (blind in one eye for most of his reign following a road accident)


United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]


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