Long Ta

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Long Ta
Long Ta is located in China
Long Ta
Location within China
Alternative names Dragon Tower
Heilongjiang Tower[1]
General information
Status Complete
Type Steel lattice television and observation tower
Location Harbin, Heilongjiang,  China
Coordinates 45°44′45.55″N 126°40′28″E / 45.7459861°N 126.67444°E / 45.7459861; 126.67444Coordinates: 45°44′45.55″N 126°40′28″E / 45.7459861°N 126.67444°E / 45.7459861; 126.67444
Construction started 1999
Completed 2000
Antenna spire 335.89 m (1,102 ft)
Top floor 216.10 m (709 ft)

Long Ta, also known as the Dragon Tower (Chinese: 龙塔; pinyin: lóng tǎ) or Heilongjiang Tower[1] (Chinese: 黑龙江塔), is a 336 m (1,102 ft) tall multi-purpose Chinese steel lattice television and observation tower. The Long Ta is used for television broadcasting; telecommunication, transmitting FM-/TV-broadcasting throughout the province of Heilongjiang; for observation, providing a view of the surrounding areas of city. The tower has observation decks and buffet restaurants. It has a AAAA rating.[1][2][3]

Long Ta is 336 m (1,102 ft) and is the second tallest freestanding lattice tower in the world, second tallest in Asia and tallest in China. The tower has an antenna at 335.89 m (1,102 ft) and a top floor at 216.10 m (709 ft).[1][2][3]

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