Los Pinos River

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Los Pinos River[1]
Pine River
Los Pinos River.JPG
The river near the intersection of County roads 501 and 245
Physical characteristics
 • locationHinsdale County, Colorado
 • coordinates37°40′39″N 107°19′09″W / 37.67750°N 107.31917°W / 37.67750; -107.31917
 • location
Confluence with San Juan River
 • coordinates
36°49′15″N 107°36′06″W / 36.82083°N 107.60167°W / 36.82083; -107.60167Coordinates: 36°49′15″N 107°36′06″W / 36.82083°N 107.60167°W / 36.82083; -107.60167
 • elevation
6,089 ft (1,856 m)
Basin features
ProgressionSan JuanColorado

Los Pinos River is a tributary of the San Juan River in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico in the United States. The stream flows from a source near Weminuche Pass in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado to a confluence with the San Juan River at Navajo Lake in San Juan County, New Mexico.

The river is impounded by the Vallecito Dam.

The name Los Pinos is Spanish for "the pines,"[2] and, in fact, the river is known locally as the Pine River.[3]

Los Pinos River looking north, at business 160 in Bayfield, Colorado
Los Pinos River looking south, at business 160 in Bayfield, Colorado

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