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Building of Public television of Kosovo, Kohavision and Radio Kosova

Media of Kosovo consists of different kinds of communicative media such as radio, television, newspapers,and internet web sites. Most of the media survive from advertising and subscriptions. According to IREX[1] there are 92 radio stations and 22 television stations.

The Independent Media Commission regulates the range of broadcasting frequencies in the Republic of Kosovo and other related issues.[2]

In order for the media to start broadcasting they should have the license issued by Independent Media Commission. The license is renewed every seven years for radio broadcasts and every ten years for audiovisual media services.[3]

In the analysis of advertising market in the Republic of Kosovo by Independent Media Commission[4] 44% of the budget of public companies goes for advertisements in national televisions, 10% in local televisions, 8% in national radios, 9% in local radios, 11% for daily newspapers and 18% for other media.

Freedom of the press[edit]

Constitution of Kosovo guarantees the freedom and pluralism of the media. Censorship is forbidden, except in the cases of provocation of violence and discrimination.[5]

Every year the organization Reporters without borders publishes the rank of the freedom press in different countries. In 2013 Kosovo was ranked in the 85th place, which means a bit below the average of the West Balkan and far away from the countries of European Union.[6] However, there is some progress made comparing with the previous year 2012, when Kosovo had the number 86 in the list of the World Press Freedom Index.[7]


As Kosovo Media Institute[8] points out the research for local radios has shown that local radios have a significantly larger share of the audience in comparison with national radios – 60.76% for local radios in comparison to 33.54% for national radio emitters (5.68% are for foreign and/or other radio stations). And always according to Kosovo Media Institute there are around 30 (thirty) radio stations in Kosovo that have the highest obedience in the regions where they operate[9] After television broadcast ratings of radio stations are: Radio Dukagjini 8%, Radio Kosova 5%, Radio 21 2%.


Main article Television in Kosovo

92% of households in Kosovo have a television nowadays.[10] The three major broadcasters in Kosovo are Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), Radio Television 21 (RTV21) and Kohavision (KTV). The only public television in Kosovo is RTK which is subsidized by the government.[11] But it also accumulates money from advertisements.

The law obliges RTK to broadcast programs in Albanian and in Serbian language too.[12]

According to IREX,[13] a nonprofit organization, broadcasting ratings are as follows: RTK 52 percent, RTV21 49 percent and KTV 28 percent.


In Kosovo there are several operating newspapers such as: Bota Sot, Koha Ditore, Kosova Sot, Zëri.[14]

Express, a newspaper best known for its front page on the day when Kosovo declared independence, since March 22, 2013 exists only online. According to OSCE[15] there are between 25.000-35.000 copies sold every day, which is a low number taking in consideration the inhabitants Kosovo (around 2 million).[16]

Electronic media[edit]

In the last years web portals have become very important source of information. According to Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology 72.1% of households in Kosovo have access on the internet and the number of internet users is constantly growing.In addition to Internet usage at home, 23% of interviewees said that also they use the Internet in otherplaces such as work (17.36%), at friends (1.39%), or Internet cafes (4.17%).[17]

As IREX[18] points out, web news portals are constantly becoming more useful and attractive, in proportion with the growing of the internet usage. is an online news portal which is visited by more than 60.000 people each day. There are also other wb news portals such as, Gazeta Express, Kosova Press and so on.[19]

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