Merri River

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Name origin: Aboriginal: meaning "rocky"[2]
Country Australia
State Victoria
Regions Victorian Midlands (IBRA), Western District
Local government area Moyne Shire, Warrnambool
Part of Glenelg Hopkins catchment
 - left Russell Creek (Victoria), Sawpit Creek
Town Warrnambool
Source confluence Spring Creek and Drysdale Creek
 - location near Bushfield
 - elevation 26 m (85 ft)
 - coordinates 38°14′35″S 142°29′58″E / 38.24306°S 142.49944°E / -38.24306; 142.49944
Mouth Stingray Bay, Southern Ocean
 - location Pickering Point, near Warrnambool
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 38°24′4″S 142°28′15″E / 38.40111°S 142.47083°E / -38.40111; 142.47083Coordinates: 38°24′4″S 142°28′15″E / 38.40111°S 142.47083°E / -38.40111; 142.47083
Length 31 km (19 mi)
Merri River is located in Victoria
Merri River
Location of the Merri River mouth
in Victoria

The Merri River, a perennial river of the Glenelg Hopkins catchment, is located in the Western District of Victoria, Australia.

Course and features[edit]

Formed by the confluence of the Spring Creek and Drysdale Creek, the Merri River rises below Bushfield and flows generally south joined by two minor tributaries before reaching its mouth and emptying into Stingray Bay, part of the Southern Ocean, near the city of Warrnambool. The river descends 29 metres (95 ft) over its 31-kilometre (19 mi) course.[3]


The river derives its name from an Aboriginal word meaning "rocky".[2]

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