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Dand-y-non, Tanjenong[1]
Dandenong creek and pedestrian bridge at Dandenong Park.png
Dandenong Creek channeled as an urban stream in Dandenong
Dandenong Creek is located in Victoria
Dandenong Creek
Location of the Dandenong Creek mouth in Victoria
EtymologyAboriginal Bunwurrung: "high" or "lofty"[1]
Native nameNarra Narrawong,[1] Dandinnong[2]
RegionSouth East Coastal Plain (IBRA), Greater Melbourne
Local government areaCity of Monash
Physical characteristics
SourceDandenong Ranges
2nd sourceBungalook Creek
 ⁃ locationnear Heathmont
 ⁃ coordinates37°50′8″S 145°15′25″E / 37.83556°S 145.25694°E / -37.83556; 145.25694
 ⁃ elevation556 m (1,824 ft)
Mouthconfluence with the Eumemmerring Creek to form the Patterson River
 ⁃ location
southwest of Bangholme
 ⁃ coordinates
38°2′37″S 145°10′29″E / 38.04361°S 145.17472°E / -38.04361; 145.17472Coordinates: 38°2′37″S 145°10′29″E / 38.04361°S 145.17472°E / -38.04361; 145.17472
 ⁃ elevation
6 m (20 ft)
Length53 km (33 mi)
Basin features
River systemPort Phillip catchment
 ⁃ leftCorhanwarrabul Creek, Blind Creek, Old Joes Creek, Dobsons Creek
 ⁃ rightMordialloc Creek, Mile Creek, Heatherdale Creek, Bungalook Creek, Little Bungalook Creek

The Dandenong Creek (Aboriginal Bunwurrung: Narra Narrawong[1] or Dandinnong[2]) is an urban creek[3] of the Port Phillip catchment, located in the eastern and south-eastern Greater Melbourne region of the Australian state of Victoria.

Location and features[edit]

Dandenong Creek has its headwaters in the Dandenong Ranges near Olinda, within the Dandenong Ranges National Park and is sourced by downstream flows from the Bungalook Creek. The creek flows generally south by southwest, joined by the Corhanwarrabul Creek, before reaching its confluence with the Eumemmerring Creek to form the man-made Patterson River southwest of Bangholme. The creek descends approximately 550 metres (1,800 ft) over its course of 53 kilometres (33 mi).[1]

The health of the creek in these urban areas ranges from moderate to very poor and has been the focus of a number of clean-up campaigns in recent years.[5]

The creek is also the home of one of the largest remaining populations of Yarra Gum.[6]

A bike path known as the Dandenong Creek Trail runs alongside for a significant distance. It also has an industrial wastewater course joining onto it in Bayswater known as Old Joe's Creek.[citation needed]


The traditional custodians of the land surrounding what is now known as the Dandenong Creek were the indigenous Bunurong people of the Kulin nation who referred to the creek as Narra Narrawong; while others gave the creek the name Dandenong, sometimes spelled as Dand-y-non or Tanjenong by early settlers, believed to mean "high" or "lofty".[1]


The first European to see the creek near its source was in 1839 and is believed to be Daniel Bunce, a botanist.[1]

Creek crossings[edit]

The list below notes current bridges that cross over the Dandenong Creek. Some are road and rail bridges, whilst others are pedestrian and equestrian crossings.

Patterson River to Dandenong Valley Parklands[edit]

Crossing Image Coordinates Built Location Description Notes
Old Perry Road Bangholme Ruins of old Perry Road bridge over Dandenong Creek
Perry Road Perry Road
EastLink 2008 Dandenong South EastLink
Greens Road Greens Road
Dandenong Bypass 2008 Dandenong Bypass
EastLink Trail 2008 Dandenong EastLink Trail
Hammond Road Hammond Road
Gippsland Railway bridge Bridge carrying the Gippsland line over the creek
Lonsdale Street pedestrian bridge Footbridge over the creek along Lonsdale Street
Lonsdale Street The crossing of the Princes Highway, locally named Lonsdale Street.
Dandenong Creek Trail Dandenong Creek Trail
Dandenong Park footbridge Dandenong creek and pedestrian bridge at Dandenong Park.png
McCrae Street McCrae Street
Dandenong Workers Social Club footbridge Footbridge between the Dandenong Workers Social Club and their golf course.
Kidds Road Kidds Road
Heatherton Road Dandenong North Heatherton Road
Monash Freeway Monash Freeway
Brady Road Brady Road
Stud Road Stud Road
Police Road Retarding Basin Mulgrave There is a path along the basin wall, enabling pedestrian crossing of the creek.
EastLink 2008 EastLink
Wellington Road Rowville Wellington Road

Dandenong Valley Parklands[edit]

Crossing Image Coordinates Built Location Description Notes
Dandenong Valley wetland trail 2010 Scoresby Shared path over the creek.
Ferntree Gully Road Ferntree Gully Road
EastLink Trail 2008 EastLink Trail
Dandenong Creek trail Dandenong Creek Trail
Patterson's Bridge Wantirna South Dandenong Creek Trail.
High Street Road footbridge Footbridge linking Napier Park with Nortons Park.
High Street Road High Street Road
Burwood Highway Vermont South Burwood Highway
Dandenong Creek Trail Dandenong Creek Trail

Dandenong Valley Parklands to Mount Dandenong[edit]

Crossing Image Coordinates Built Location Description Notes
Boronia Road Vermont Boronia Road
EastLink Trail Section of the EastLink Trail linking Winton Wetlands with Campbells Croft Reserve.
EastLink EastLink Bridge over Dandenong Creek.jpg 2008 Ringwood EastLink
Wantirna Road Wantirna Road
Marlborough Road footbridge Heathmont Footbridge at the end of Marlborough Road.
H.E. Parker Reserve footbridge Footbridge connecting the Dandenong Creek Trail with H.E. Parker Reserve.
Belgrave Railway Line Bayswater North Belgrave Railway Line
Tarralla Creek Trail Tarralla Creek Trail
Bayswater Road Bayswater Road
Dorset Road Dorset Road
Colchester Road Kilsyth South Colchester Road
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin wall Boronia Path along basin wall provides crossing over the creek.
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin footbridge Footbridge inside the retarding basin provides crossing over the creek.
Liverpool Road The Basin Liverpool Road
Dobson Lane Dobson Lane
Pavitt Lane Kilsyth Pavitt Lane
Sheffield Road Sheffield Road
Edgar Track Mount Dandenong Edgar Track
Doongalla Forest access road Doongalla Forest access road.
Dandenong Creek Track Olinda Dandenong Creek Track

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