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Mezzaluna with a double blade

A mezzaluna (/ˌmɛtsəˈlnə/; Italian: [ˌmɛddzaˈluːna]) is a knife consisting of a single or double[1] curved blade with a handle on each end.[2] It is often used for chopping herbs.[2] Very large single blade versions are sometimes used for pizza.[1] Common uses in Italy include preparation of a soffritto or a pesto, etc.


Mezzaluna with a single blade

Mezzaluna means "half moon" in Italian,[3] after the curved shape of the blade,[3] and is the most common name used in the UK. Other names used include herb chopper or hachoir [aʃ.waʁ], which is its French name.

Cutting board[edit]

Mezzalunas may be found sold with a cutting board that has a shallow indentation in it,[2] marketed as a herb chopper.

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