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Mezzaluna with a double blade
Triple-blade mezzaluna for meat

A mezzaluna (/ˌmɛtsəˈlnə/; Italian: [ˌmɛddzaˈluːna]) is a knife consisting of a single or double[1] curved blade with a handle on each end.[2] It is often used for chopping herbs.[2] Very large single blade versions are sometimes used for pizza.[1] Common uses in Italy include preparation of a soffritto or a pesto, etc.


Mezzaluna with a single blade

Mezzaluna means "half moon" in Italian,[3] after the curved shape of the blade,[3] and is the most common name used in the UK. Other names used include herb chopper or hachoir [aʃ.waʁ], which is its French name.

Cutting board[edit]

Mezzalunas may be found sold with a cutting board that has a shallow indentation in it,[2] marketed as a herb chopper.

Other uses[edit]

It is also the name of a restaurant chain; for example, both Ron Goldman and his friend, Michael Nigg, had worked at Mezzaluna Trattoria, located at 11750 San Vicente Boulevard in Santa Monica, as waiters, and Nicole Brown Simpson was a frequent diner there.[4]

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