Mike "Clay" Stone

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Mike Stone
Born 1951
Died 2002 (aged 50–51)
Occupation(s) Record Producer

Mike Stone (1951 – June 2002), sometimes referred to as Mike "Clay" Stone,[1] was an English recording engineer and record producer.[2] Stone worked with Queen (multiple albums), Blue Öyster Cult, Foreigner, Journey (multiple albums),[3] Kiss, Asia, Daniel Amos, Lou Reed, Whitesnake, Bee Gees, Joe Walsh and others.[4]


Stone began his career as an assistant recording engineer at Abbey Road Studios in England. While still a teenager, Stone worked on some sessions for The Beatles' Beatles For Sale.[5] Later, he became a runner at Trident Studios, then worked his way up to tape operator and assistant engineer. In 1974, Stone began a long relationship with Queen when he worked with Queen's then producer, Roy Thomas Baker, to engineer the unique vocal layering for "Bohemian Rhapsody".[6] Following Baker's departure as Queens' producer, the band hired Stone as their engineer for his expertise in over-dubbing vocals.[7] By the early eighties, Stone had produced popular top-selling albums for both Asia and Journey.[8]

Stone was scheduled to oversee the re-mastering of the Queen catalogue when he died in 2002. Queen's Brian May wrote of Stone in a eulogy: "Mike's production style of big chorus building and hitting hard, the ability to treat vocals uniquely, and find space in a recording have influenced a generation of young producers."[citation needed]

Stone's work productivity was limited in later years by an alcohol problem, and he died from complications of it.[8]

Selected discography[edit]


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