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The Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth (also known simply as MITY, pronounced mighty) is an institute that offers extracurricular options for gifted and talented students. It is takes place at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.[1][2] Founded in 1967, MITY has become relatively large and has three different programs for primary education and secondary education students. The three programs, YES (Your Extraordinary Saturday), ExplorSchool, and Expand Your Mind, each deal with a separate age group of students, and often share staff members and class styles. YES is for students in grades 1-4, and takes place on Saturdays during the school year. ExplorSchool is offered for students in grades 4-6, and it takes place during the summer, with classes being held Monday through Friday over a two-week period. Expand Your Mind (which many veteran students refer to simply as MITY, due to its popularity) is offered for students in grades 7-12, and takes place during the summer with classes held Monday through Friday over a similar two-week period at Macalester College.[3]

This camp includes a "Rec Time", run by "Mr. Rec". The activities include squirrel watching, geography bee, hula hooping, Trivial Pursuit tournament, Duct Tape Stuff day, urban Bocce ball, beading, and charades.

There is also a "Wacky Track Meet", on the first Friday of the camp. The activities include crab walking, three-legged race, water balloon toss, water spoon relay, watermelon seed-spitting, bubble gum blowing, and watermelon eating. On the last day, there are awards handed out to those who got first place in seed-spitting, bubble gum blowing, and watermelon eating.

Students may also take the Starburst™ Challenge. This is where they put an original flavor Starburst™ in their mouth without looking, and try to guess the flavor. The "Double Down" is where there are two starbursts, and the "Trifecta" is where there are three.

It was founded as the Twin Cities Institute for Talented Youth in 1967.[4]


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