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Mohammad bin Rashid Gardens was an environmentally friendly project designed for Dubai, UAE. The project was the first of its kind when unveiled which would have preserved and protected the environment and help to green the emirate of Dubai. The built up area of the project would have been 800 million Sq ft and the development would have cost USD 55 billion (AED 200 billion). As a result of the Global Financial crisis of 2007–2008, the project was put on hold in 2008. In 2012, the project was scaled down and redesigned as Mohammed bin Rashid City.[1]

The whole development would have consisted of:

The house of wisdom or Bait Al Hikma[edit]

The house of wisdom or Bait Al Hikma includes offices, a library, knowledge parks, international organisations, international universities and colleges for science and history and Sheikh Mohammed's grand mosque.

The humanitarian house[edit]

The humanitarian house includes the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, UNICEF, museums and charitable foundations.

The house of nature[edit]

The nature house includes family parks, world parks, laboratories, natural sciences institutions and colleges, hotels, clubs, a zoo, flower gardens and herbal medicine clinics.It will also encompass a family resort, wildlife parks and zoological research centres.

The house of trade[edit]

The house of trade includes centres for trademark agents, institutes of higher finance and banking, insurance companies, and Islamic and international banks.

The Gardens[edit]

The Gardens will lush green parks over a large area.

The Canals[edit]

The canal is named as 'Union canal which will get extension from the Dubai Creek.The canal will run through the entire development.

The centre[edit]

The centre will an orbit around the garden ring, the centre will surround 'The house of Humanity with circular lakes branches of Union canal.

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