NRB Bank

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NRB Bank
FounderIqbal Ahmed (OBE)
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Area served
Key people
ServicesBanking, Financial Services

NRB Bank known as Migrants' Sponsored Banking [MSB] system, is a newly invented banking structure in which initial capital are funded by non-resident nationals [NNs] Non resident nationals provide most of the deposits and these deposits are subsequently lent to the home country.

The bank has multiple objectives within its single structure and typical deposit-lending functions. The first objective is to be a platform of NNs for their better investment into the home economy and long term objective is to reduce dependency on international financial institutes [IFIs] for external financing in home economy.

Migrants Bangladeshis (Sylheti diaspora) were demanding such type of bank since 1990s. However, Md. Bayazid Sarker an economist and Central Bank official of Bangladesh first develop a theoretical structure of the bank and officially floats the idea in his research paper titled "Alternative Resource of World Bank for External Financing in Bangladesh: A Foreign Remittance Approach" on 15 December 2007 in Dhaka.[2] Government makes believe by the continuous pressure from Bangladeshi Sylheti diaspora around the world. Afterward Central Bank of Bangladesh [Bangladesh Bank] call for NRB bank applications in 2011 and finally issued three NRB Bank (Non-resident Bangladeshis Bank) licenses in 2013 though newly born banks need much effort to come into its basic and broad objective. Newly born NRB Banks are NRB Commercial Bank Limited, NRB Bank Limited and NRB Global Bank Limited. Therefore, Bangladesh is the pioneer in introducing migrants sponsored banking system.

Products and services[edit]

Like other private commercial bank in Bangladesh, NRB Bank Ltd offers vast category of products and services for Corporate, Retail and SME. Bank introduced fully online any-branch banking from day one with state of art internet banking both for consumer and corporate account holders. NRB Bank is the first bank to introduce secure VISA EMV card among 4th generation banks in Bangladesh .


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