Bangladesh Krishi Bank

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Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Government owned
Industry Banking
Founded Dhaka, Bangladesh
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Key people

Mohammad Ismail[1] (Chairman)

Products Banking services
Consumer Banking
Corporate Banking
Investment Banking
Website Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Bangladesh Krishi Bank is a fully government owned bank in Bangladesh in 1973. The primary purpose of the bank is to provide services to farmers and agricultural industry.[2]


Bangladesh Krishi Bank is one of seven state owned banks in Bangladesh.[3] In 2015 the bank incurred a loss of 1589.3 million taka.[4] The Bank worked with the agriculture department of Bangladesh to provide loans to Boro rice Cultivators.[5] The bank was asked to stop providing loans to non-agricultural purposes. The Bank provided 19.26 billion taka loans for non-agricultural purposes from 2010 to 2013.[6]


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