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The National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) is a United States Navy entity located in the National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC) Facility in Suitland in Prince George's County, Maryland, southeast of Washington, DC. It is a part of the Suitland Federal Center.

The mission statement of NMIO is as follows:

Advance maritime intelligence integration, information sharing, and domain awareness to foster unity of effort for decision advantage that protects the United States, its allies, and partners against threats in or emanating from the global maritime domain.

— NMIO[1]

The NMIO was established as a result of guidance from the 9/11 Commission, The Intelligence Reform and Terror Prevention Act (IRTPA), Presidential directives, and maritime security plans. Its goal is to support national policymakers and decision-makers on maritime issues and perform actions as directed by ODNI Strategic Guidance to create unity of effort and position leaders for decision advantage in a decisive and efficient manner. The office's efforts focus on collaboration between Federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments, acting in concert with our[who?] international partners as well as representatives from the private sector and academia.[1]

NMIO is co-located with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the Naval Information Warfare Activity (NIWA), and the Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center (ICC).[2]

The Director of the NMIO is Rear Admiral Robert D. Sharp, USN; the Deputy Director is Captain Harry M. Schmidt, USCG; and the Principal Adviser is A. Lyston Lea II.[1][dead link]


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