No. 27 Squadron IAF

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Squadron No. 27 Flaming Arrows
Crest of No. 27 Squadron IAF.jpg
Role Air Defence, Ground Attack
Aircraft Operated de Havilland Vampire
Hawker Hunter
Jaguar IS (Current Aircraft)
Home Station Sirsa
Motto Durarakshya Saralakshya[1]
Strike far, Strike Sure[1]
Raised February 15, 1957
Badge An arrow with its tip on fire
Notable Battles Liberation of Goa
Indo-Pakistan War of 1965
Indo-Pakistan War of 1971

No. 27 Squadron (Flaming Arrows) IAF is a Ground-Attack and Close Air Support squadron of the Indian Air Force, operating from Gorkhapur AFS, under Central Air Command.[2]


The squadron was raised at Adampur AFS on 15 February 1957, with de Havilland Vampires, as a Ground-Attack and Close Air Support unit.[3] The Vampires were replaced by September, the next year, with Hunter Mk.56 aircraft, when it was moved to Ambala AFS.[4]

It had its first taste of war during the 1961 war in Goa, tasked to participate in Operation Vijay, strafing various ground targets and airfields.[5]

Indo-Pakistan War of 1965[edit]

During the 1965 Indo-Pakistan War, the squadron operated from Halwara under the Western Air Command, carrying out Air Defence and Ground Attack missions over Punjab.[4][5]

On 7 September, at 0615 hours, five aircraft of the squadron participated in an attack on Chota Sargodha Air Base, in Pakistan. Then Flight Lt. D.N. Rathore destroyed at least two PAF F-86 Sabres parked in the airbase.[4] The squadron flew Reconnaissance, Opportunity, and CAS missions in the Gujranwala sector, in the Sialkot-Lahore-Ferozpur axis and in the Khemkaran-Kasur Sector, destroying several enemy tanks and contributing to the "Graveyards of Pattons there". These actions were at a high cost though, the squadron lost five aircraft and two pilots. It earned 2 Vir Chakras, and 5 Mention-in-Despatches.[4][5]

Indo-Pakistan War of 1971[edit]

In April 1965, at Halwara, all the Hunter Mk. 56 aircraft were replaced with Hunter Mk. 56A, and its role changed to Deep Penetration Strike and Fighter Recon. In July 1971, the squadron was relocated to Pathankot.[4][5]

In December, during the 1971 War with Pakistan, the squadron carried a number of sorties over Poonch Sector, providing CAS to ground units. In addition, the squadron flew Combat Air Patrols over army concentration areas, to intercept any enemy aircraft. On 7 December, the squadron shifted its missions, providing CAS in the Chhamb-Akhnoor Sector.[4][5]

Post-War Period[edit]

At some point after the war, the squadron was re-equipped with Jaguar IS aircraft.[3] The squadron won several trophies in various exercises and gunnery meets, and participated in various operations. On November 13, 1996, it was awarded President Colour for its contributions both in war and peace.[4][5]


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