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Dholpur Military School
Kesarbagh palace, the mansion of the former ruler of the erstwhile Dholpur State, now houses the Dholpur Military School

Dholpur Military School is one of the five military schools of India. It is situated in Dholpur in Rajasthan and was established in 1962 by the former Defence Minister late Sh Krishnan Menon to facilitate education of the children of the Defense personnel as well as the civilians.[1] Military Schools in India were previously known as King George Royal Indian Military College. [2]

The school is housed in Kesarbagh palace, the mansion of the former ruler of the erstwhile Dholpur State. It is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) away from Dholpur City on the Dholpur-Bari Road. Dholpur is situated between Agra and Gwalior and is 250 kilometres (160 mi) away from Delhi.

The school is affiliated to CBSE. It is an English medium boarding school coming under the Ministry Of Defence. It has three head of institutes - the Principal, the Administrative Officer and MIE (Master in charge Education). The school educates pupils from class 6th to 12th with the aim to train and prepare the cadets for NDA. Cadets in class 12th are given special responsibility such has school captain and house captain.

Academic campus[edit]

The school buildings are located on two adjacent hills, the one on Kesarbagh is the Academic Building, and the hostel and residences are located on the hill some times referred as Residential Block(new campus).

The school houses a library. Besides the Academic block the Kesarbagh Fort houses a Post Office, Police Chowki, swimming pool, golf course, tennis court and craft room.

There are six hostels - Nalanda, Jagan, Shivaji (old name Vikram), Udaibhan, Chittor and Ujjain. Along with hostels the new campus has the Principal's residence, cadet's mess, Vivekanand Hall, VIP guest house, guest house, cafeteria, CSD canteen, MI Room, staff residence, Temple, basketball courts, lawn tennis courts, gymnasium, boxing ring, obstacles. Stairs from the new campus lead to play grounds for daily games activities. There are three lakes around the campus - India Lake, Pakistan Lake and Duck Lake (getting their name due to their physical shape).

NCC is a part of cadet activities and there are hobby clubs catering to cadet's interest.

A typical day in a cadet's life starts at 0500 hrs with PT, followed by breakfast, assembly, classes at Kesarbagh Fort (with tea break at 1115 hrs) till 1300 hrs, then lunch at cadet's mess, noon prep, evening games, wash and change, evening prep, dinner at 2000 hrs and after dinner prep until lights out at 2200 hrs.

Every hostel has two floors, with Junior Dorm, Middle dorm and Box Room on the first floor and Senior dorm in one side and Preparation Room, Recreation Room and warden office on the other. A house is under command of a House Captain. School is commanded by a School Captain, School Adjutant, a CCA Captain and a Sports Captain.

For the Janamasthami festival cadets hunt through the night to collect flowers from campus and decorate their temples throughout the day which are visited by everyone in the evening.

School Annual Day is held in December when a cultural programme is held in honour of the chief guest (usually a Senior and Decorated Army Officer) who distributes prizes for achievement in academics, co-curricular and sport.

Commandants and Principals[edit]

Ser No Name Period
1 Lt Col KL Ghai, AEC 16 Jul 1962 – 20 Dec 1968
2 Lt Col Rampal, AEC 21 Jan 1969 – 30 Mar 1976
3 Mr OP Bhatnagar 31 Mar 1976 – 20 Apr 1986
4 Mr KK Arora 24 Jul 1986 – 8 Nov 1986
5 Mr L William 9 Nov 1986 – 31 Mar 1987
6 Lt Col BR Sharma, AEC 9 May 1987 – 3 Mar 1990
7 Dr Sampurnanand Pandey 5 Jul 1990 – 6 May 1992
8 Lt Col Rajkumar, AEC 29 Jun 1992 – 15 Sep 1994
9 Lt Col SS Nair, AEC 16 Sep 1994 – 25 Oct 1998
10 Lt Col Ranjit Singh, AEC 26 Oct 1998 – 8 Sep 2000
11 Lt Col Arun Chopra, AEC 9 Sep 2000 – 7 Jun 2003
12 Lt Col K Ramam, AEC 8 Jun 2003 – 2 Jan 2005
13 Lt Col Arun Datta, AEC 3 Jan 2005 – 17 Jul 2006
14 Mr NC Dash 18 Jul 2006 – 2 Apr 2011
15 Lt Col T Chakravarty, AEC 3 Apr 2011 – 26 Feb 2014
16 Lt Col Abhishek Bhardwaj, AEC 27 Feb 2014 – 22 Mar 2017
17 Lt Col Nilesh Ingle, AEC 23 Mar 2017 to date

Distinguished Alumni[edit]

The school has produced numerous Generals (Lt Gen and Maj Gen), Brigadiers and thousands of Colonels and Lt Colonels along with Governors, Ministers, Civil servants, Actors and Business Tycoons.



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