Pakistan Army Museum

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Pakistan Army Museum
پاک فوج متحف
Airplane in the Museum.jpg
An airplane inside the museum
EstablishedOctober 24, 1961
LocationRawalpindi Cantonment, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.
Collection sizeMilitary equipment, captured and retired tanks and helicopters, paintings.

Pakistan Army Museum (Urdu: پاک فوج متحف‎) is an army museum located in Rawalpindi.[1][2] It was opened on October 24, 1961[3] to preserve Pakistan Army's past through relics and pictures and is one of the largest museums of Pakistan.[3]

Location and contents[edit]

The museum also contains rare pieces of old-time arms and uniforms to depict transformation of military forces. Some of the surviving Sherman tanks are a part of the museum's display.[2] Pakistan Army Museum is located in the British-era colonial barracks of the Pakistan Army's General Headquarters (GHQ) complex of buildings.[1] It is a must-see for weaponry and war history enthusiasts. This museum displays arms and ammunition from the Mughal Era and all the way up to modern weapons. Detailed history of the evolution of the Pakistan Army is offered in the new museum building.[1]

Global war on terrorism[edit]

A special gallery has been dedicated to the global war on terrorism and the Pakistan military's anti-terrorism operations in the tribal areas on Pakistan-Afghanistan border.[1]

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