General Headquarters (Pakistan Army)

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General Headquarters
Pakistan Army Emblem.png
Rawalpindi in Pakistan
General Headquarters is located in Punjab, Pakistan
General Headquarters
General Headquarters
Location in Pakistan
General Headquarters is located in Pakistan
General Headquarters
General Headquarters
General Headquarters (Pakistan)
Coordinates33°36′N 73°02′E / 33.600°N 73.033°E / 33.600; 73.033Coordinates: 33°36′N 73°02′E / 33.600°N 73.033°E / 33.600; 73.033
Site information
OwnerPakistan Army
Site history
In useAugust 14, 1947 (1947-08-14)
Garrison information
General Qamar Javed Bajwa

The General Headquarters (GHQ) is the headquarters of the Pakistan Army and is located in Rawalpindi, adjacent to the Joint Staff Headquarters. It was established on 14 August 1947 in the headquarters of the former Northern Command of the British Indian Army.[1][2][3] In December 2017 it was announced that the Army would be moving to a new GHQ in neighbouring Islamabad.[4]

Command Structure[edit]

General Headquarters is the command center of land forces of Pakistan. In GHQ, there are 10 branches commanded by Lt Gen ranked officer, and 40 directorates commanded by a Maj Gen ranked officer.
Following is the list of branches and directorate in GHQ.

1. General Staff, (GS) branch:
(i) Military Operations, MO Directorate
(ii) Military Intelligence, MI Directorate
(iii) Organisation and Methods, O&M Directorate
(iv) Inspection and Technical Development, I&TD Directorate
(v) Weapons and Equipment, W&E Directorate

2. Logistic Staff, (LS) branch:
(i) Logistics Directorate
(ii) National Logistic Cell, NLC
(iii) Supply and Transport, S&T Directorate
(iv) Budget Directorate
(v) Ordinance Services, OS Directorate
(Vi) Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME)Directorate
(vii) Aviation Fleet Management (AFM) Dte

3. Arms branch:
(i) Director General, DG Infantry
(ii) Director General, DG Armoured Corps
(iii) Director General, DG Artillery
(iv) Director General, DG Army Air Defence
(v) Director General, DG Engineers
(vi) Director General, DG Army Aviation

4. Adjudent General, (AG) branch:

(i) Law Directorate
(ii) Welfare and Rehabilitation, W&R Directorate
(iii) Pay, Pension and Accounts, PP&A Directorate
(iv) Housing Directorate
(v) Personal Service, PS Directorate
(vi) Provost Marshal, PM Directorate
(vii) National Guards (viii) Personal Administration, PA Directorate

5. Military Secretary, (MS) branch:

6. Training and Evaluation, (T&E) branch:
(i) Military Training, MT Directorate
(ii) Human Resource Development, HRD Directorate
(iii) Doctrine and Evaluation, D&E Directorate
(iv) Federal Government Education Institutions, FGEI Directorate
(v) Army Institute of Military History (AIMH), Rawalpindi
(vi) Army Sports Directorate (AS Dte)
(vii) Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, Abbottabad
(viiii) Pakistan Command and Staff College, C&SC, Quetta

7. Quarter Master General, (QMG) branch:
(i) Quartering and Lands, Q&L Directorate
(ii) Military Lands and Cantonment, Ml&c Directorate
(iii) RV & FC Dte
(iv) Army Heritage Foundation (AHF)

8. Engineers in Chief, (E-in-C) branch:
(i) Frontier Works Organization, FWO
(ii) 45 Engineers Division, Rawalpindi.
(iii) Military Engineer Services, MES

9. Communication and Information Technology, (C&IT) branch:
(i) Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Intelligence, (C4I) Directorate
(ii) Signals Directorate

10. Surgeon General, (SG) branch:
(i) Medical Directorate
(ii) Medical Services Azad Kashmir, MS AK
(iii) Medical Services Navy, MS N

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