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Chyi Yu
Born (1957-10-17) 17 October 1957 (age 63)
Taichung, Taiwan
Years active1978–present
Awards9th Golden Melody Award for Best Female Vocalist Mandarin
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese齊豫
Simplified Chinese齐豫
Musical career
GenresMandopopFolkBuddhist music
LabelsRock Records, Sony Music, EMI

Chyi Yu or Qi Yu (Chinese: 齊豫; born 17 October 1957) is a Taiwanese singer best known for her 1979 hit, "The Olive Tree" (橄欖樹). She won the 9th Golden Melody Award for Best Female Vocalist Mandarin. She is the elder sister of singer-songwriter Chyi Chin. She is a religious Buddhist and a vegetarian.[1][2]

Chyi Yu is a protege of the late Taiwanese composer and songwriter, Li Tai-hsiang.[3] Li wrote the evergreen masterpiece "The Olive Tree," which was released in 1979.[3]

Chyi Yu also collaborated with Li Tai-hsiang on a number of her other songs, including "Daylight Avenue" (一条日光大道) "Walking In The Rain" (走在雨中) and "Your Smiling Face" (欢颜).[3] She is also known for tracks such as "Boat Song" (船歌) and covers of folk songs such as Geordie/Tears - Donde Voy/Whoever Finds This, I Love You. Her last Mandopop album Camel-Flying Bird-Fish (骆驼飞鸟鱼) was released in 1997 and she has recently been releasing Buddhist music compilations.

Chyi has worked with international artists such as Dave Matthews (1993, Plaisir D'amour), Suzanne Ciani (1999, turning) and their cooperation album including the title track Turning was Grammy-nominated.(42nd Grammy Award for Best New Age Album)


  • 1979 橄欖樹 (Chinese debut)

"The Olive Tree", which was based on an English-language poem by Sanmao, was originally written about a small donkey which Sanmao had encountered on a plain in Spain.[3] Li Tai-hsiang had the poem translated to Mandarin by folk singer T.C. Yang, with Sanmao's permission, and wrote the song for Chyi Yu.[3] He omitted donkey, which he felt would not easily connect with Taiwanese music fans.[3] Chyi Yu has stated in an interview that "Every time I sing this song [The Olive Tree], I'm nervous."[3]

Song Lyrics Music Copyright
橄欖樹 三毛 李泰祥 TWA457901201
青夢湖 蓉子 李泰祥 TWA457901202
愛之死 (演奏) NONE (Instrumental) 李泰祥 TWA457901203
答案 羅青 李泰祥 TWA457901204
我在夢中哭泣了 李泰祥 李泰祥 TWA457901205
搖籃曲 Traditional Traditional TWA457901206
歡顏 沈呂柏 李泰祥 TWA457901207
走在雨中 李泰祥 李泰祥 TWA457901208
愛的世界 李泰祥 李泰祥 TWA457901209
預感 李泰祥 李泰祥 TWA457901210
追逐與重逢 (演奏) NONE (Instrumental) 李泰祥 TWA457901211
歡顏 (演奏) NONE (Instrumental) 李泰祥 TWA457901212
  • 1982 祝福 (All songs are composed by 李泰祥)
song words
祝福 王小虎
一條日光大道 三毛
傳說 余光中
牧羊女 鄭愁予
春天的浮雕 羅門
海棠紋身 余光中
都市旋律 羅門
  • 1983 你是我所有的回憶 (All songs are composed by 李泰祥)
Song/曲目 Words/作詞 Term/項目
你是我所有的回憶 (影子) 李泰祥 (But the actual lyricist is 侯德健, whose name was not used for political reasons) 審154
三月的風 王玉萍 審59
浮雲歌 王玉萍 審59
他的眸子 王玉萍 審59
今年的湖畔會很冷 沈呂百 審153
一朶青蓮 蓉子 審153
鷺鷥 高上秦 審153
菊嘆 向陽 審59
彈琴的女孩 醉雲 審153
輕輕的走來你的身邊 林綠 審153
  • 1984 有一個人 (Only You I) [This album is all composed by 李泰祥]
Song 曲目 Poem (Words)/詩 Year/年份 Instrument/樂器
Let It Go 去罷 徐志摩 1983 鋼琴:城振銘、吳麗暉
Mountain Travelling 山之旅 林綠 1983 電子合成樂器:李泰祥
Chant of the Sky and the Sea 水天吟 羅門 1982 鋼琴:城振銘、吳麗暉
Roam Among the Mountains and Cloud 山雲遊 羅門 1982 電子合成樂器:李泰祥
Infinitesimal 渺小 徐志摩 1984 鋼琴:城振銘、吳麗暉
Don't Squeeze Me, It's Hurt 別寧我,疼 徐志摩 1984 鋼琴:李泰祥
Only You 有一個人 李敏勇(譯寫/Translated) 1984 電子合成樂器:李泰祥 貝斯:侯樂禮
The Actress 戲子 席慕容 1983 鋼琴:李泰祥
Songs 雨丝 鄭愁予 1983 鋼琴:城振銘、吳麗暉
Raindrops 瘂弦 1984 電子合成樂器:李泰祥 堂鼓及小鼓:池映傑 吉他:倪芳來 貝斯:董榮富
  • 1985 回聲 (collaboration with writer, Sanmao (author) and singer Michelle Pan
Song/歌曲 Voiceover/旁白 Composer/作曲 Arrangement/編曲 Vocal/演唱
軌外 三毛(Sanmao) 李泰銘 陳志遠 潘越雲(Michelle Pan)&齊豫(Yu Chyi)
NONE 翁孝良 陳志遠 潘越雲&齊豫
七點鐘(今生) NONE 李宗盛 陳志遠 齊豫
NONE 李宗盛 陳志遠 潘越雲
曉夢蝴蝶 NONE 陳志遠 陳志遠 潘越雲
沙漠 三毛 李泰祥 李泰祥 齊豫
今世 NONE 李泰祥 李泰祥 齊豫
三毛 陳揚 陳揚 齊豫
說給自己聽 NONE 李泰銘 陳志遠 潘越雲&齊豫
遠方 三毛 王新蓮 陳志遠 潘越雲
夢田 NONE 翁孝良 陳志遠 潘越雲&齊豫
  • 1987 Stories (English debut, Producer: Reggie Verghes, ex-producer of Tracy Huang's English album)
Number Song Origin Original Year
1 Stories Viktor Lazlo 1986
2 Memory Elain Paige 1983
3 Light a Light Janis Ian 1975
4 Castles in the Air Don McLean 1970
5 Windmills of Your Mind Dusty Springfield 1966
6 Love's In Disguise Amii Steward 1987
7 Unknown Musician Blast 1978
8 If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful (Duet With Steven Francis) Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson 1986
9 Diamonds and Rust Joan Baez 1975
10 Like a Hero Modern Talking 1987
11 Requiem Karthago 1983
  • 1988 Whoever Finds This I Love You (誰撿到這張紙條 我愛你) [MTV shot in Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand]
Song 曲目 Original
You Got a Nerve 你竟敢… Rod Stewart, 1978
Waiting for the Morning 期待黎明 Bobbysocks, 1986
Make No Mistake, He's Mine (Duet With Michelle Pan) 別搞錯!他是我的 Barbra Streisand & Kim Carnes, 1985
He's So Beautiful to Me 他如此美好 Anita Mayer, 1986
Angels, Roses, and Rain 天使、玫瑰、雨 Dickey Lee, 1977
Lady On the Other Side of Town 城那一端的女人 Unmentioned
Whoever Finds This, I Love You 誰撿到這張紙條 我愛你 Mac Davis, 1972
Vincent 文生·梵谷 Don McLean, 1972
Yesterday When I Was Young 昨日當我年輕時 Roy Clark, 1969
  • 1988 Paradise Bird
Song Original
Only Love Nana Mouskouri/1985
Paradise Bird Amii Stewart/1979
Gypsy Suzanne Vega/1987
Graveyard Angel Louise Tucker/1982
Tonight Unknown
It Was Love Frank Duval/1985
Islands Mike Oldfield/1987
Joan of Arc (duet with Reggie Verghese) Jennifer Warnes, duet with Leonard Cohen/1987
Broken Heroes Chris Norman/1988
  • 1988 有沒有這種說法
Song 曲目 Words/作詞 Music/作曲
High Heel In September 九月的高跟鞋 陳克華
If You Really Don't Want 如果真的不要 王新蓮
Fail to Count the Sheep 忘了數羊 羅圣爾 羅圣爾
The Lily In Snow 雪中蓮 陳桂芬
The Man Named Old 那個叫老的人 詹德茂
Any Words Like This 有沒有這種說法 齊豫
Chilly Heart 冷冷的心 林隆旋
Telling from Beginning 細說從頭 李宗盛 李宗盛
A Piece of Lake 一面湖水 (男聲:羅紘武) 王新蓮
Twelve Nights 十二個夜晚 齊豫
A Room With a View 窗外有藍天 梁弘志 梁弘志
Rouge of the North 怨女 呂思志 張弘毅
  • 1990 Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Song 曲目 Music and Words by
Find the Cost of Freedom 找到自由的代價 Stephen Stills, 1974
Borderline 邊界 Chris de Burgh, 1982
Senses In Flight 感官飛翔 Words by Yu Chyi & Mark Hansell, Music by Clannad, 1982
Unborn Heart 尚未誕生的心 Dan Hill, 1989
Wind Beneath My Wings 讓我能振翅高飛的風 Larry Henley & Jeff Silbar, 1982
Children of the 80's 八〇年代的孩子 Joan Baez, 1983
Where Have All the Flowers Gone 花兒都到哪兒去了? Pete Seeger & Joe Hickerson (Arrangement: Tai-ming Lee)
The End of the Innocence 純真不再 Don Henley & Bruce Hornsby, 1989
Longer 天長地久 Dan Fogelberg, 1982
Light In the Darkness 黑暗中的一盞燈 Mark Spiro & Ed Arkin, 1987
  • 1993 藏愛的女人(Love of my life - 5th English album)
Song 歌曲 Words Music
The Music of the Night 夜的樂章 Charles Hart Andrew Lloyd Webber
Vino de Amor 愛情釀的酒 Tony Hiller & Nicky Graham Traditional
A Twist of Fate 命運之轉折 Tony Hiller & Nicky Graham Based On Serenade By Schubert
Brave New World 美麗新世界 Tony Hiller & Nicky Graham Based On The Pathetique Sanata By Beethoven
Love of My Love 我一生的愛 Freddie Mercury, Queen Freddie Mercury, Queen
Glitter and Dust 絢麗與塵埃 NONE Based On Swan Lake By Tchaikovsky
Plaisir D'amour (dueting with Dave Matthews) 愛的喜悅 NONE Jean Paul Egide Martimi
Forever Bound 一世情節 NONE Based On Adagio Cantabill from Symphony No. 5 By Tchaikovsky
The Vision 幻影 Tony Hiller & Nicky Graham Based On The Swan from The Carnival of the Animals By Saint Saëns
Recuerdos de la Alhambra NONE NONE Based On Recuerdos de la Alhambra By Tarrega
Careless Love 淺愛 NONE Based On Etude Op 10 No. 3 By Chopin
She'll Never Know 她永遠不會知曉 Tony Hiller & Nicky Graham Based On Für Elise By Beethoven
  • 1994 齊豫中文個人聲音自傳——敢愛 (Chyi's Voice Biography 1978~1990)
Song Name/歌曲名稱 Words/作詞 Composer/作曲 Original Album/原專輯名稱 Producer/製作 Publish Time/出版時間 Arrangement/編曲
春天的故事 李泰祥 李泰祥 金韻獎合輯 李泰祥 1979 李泰祥
橄欖樹 三毛 李泰祥 橄欖樹 李泰祥 1979 李泰祥
歡顏 沈呂百 李泰祥 橄欖樹 李泰祥 1979 李泰祥
走在雨中 李泰祥 李泰祥 橄欖樹 李泰祥 1979 李泰祥
答案 羅青 李泰祥 橄欖樹 李泰祥 1979 李泰祥
有一個人 李敏勇 李泰祥 有一個人 李泰祥 1984 李泰祥
雨絲 鄭愁予 李泰祥 有一個人 李泰祥 1984 李泰祥
七點鐘(今生) 三毛 李宗盛 回聲 齊豫&王新蓮 1985 陳志遠
九月的高跟鞋 齊豫 有沒有這種說法 齊秦 1988 塗惠源
有沒有這種說法 陳克華 有沒有這種說法 齊秦 1988 塗惠源
如果真的不要 王新蓮 有沒有這種說法 齊秦 1988 塗惠源
船歌 羅大佑 羅大佑 衣錦還鄉(The Motion Picture Soundtrack) 魯世傑 1989 羅大佑
  • 1994 齊豫英文個人聲音自傳——敢夢 (Chyi's Voice Biography 1978~1990)
Song 歌曲 Words Music
Danny's Song 丹尼的歌 Kenny Loggins Kenny Loggins
Sad Lisa 憂傷麗莎 Cat Stevens Cat Stevens
Stories 故事 J. Walravens B. Bergman
Borderline 邊界 Chris de Burgh Chris de Burgh
Unborn Heart 尚未誕生的心 Dan Hill Dan Hill
Whoever Finds This, I Love You 誰撿到這張紙條,我愛你 Mac Davis Mac Davis
Paradise Bird 天堂鳥 NONE NONE
Diamonds and Rust 鑽石與陳銹 Joan Baez Joan Baez
Angels, Roses, and Rain 天使、玫瑰、雨 NONE NONE
Vincent 文生·梵谷 Don McLean Don McLean
Like a Hero 宛如英雄 Dieter Bohlen Dieter Bohlen
Wind Beneath My Wings 讓我能振翅高飛的風 Larry Henley & Jeff Silbar Larry Henley & Jeff Silbar
  • 1996 Chyi's Tears
Song OT Term Copyright
Tears - Donde Voy Donde Voy ("Where I Go" in Spanish) English Lyric: Yu Chyi TWA45960498A
All Souls Night All Souls Night OC: Loreena McKennitt TWA45960498B
Babie In the Wood Babies In the Wood OC: N.Brazil; OP: Little Rox Ms; SP: C.A.S.H.HK TWA45960498C
Cry Cry OC: Elena Rostropovich; SP: C.A.S.H.HK TWA45960498D
You Can't Say You Can't Say OC: John Jarvis/Bill Lamb; OP: Sobvious Ms/Tree Publ Co Inc; SP: C.A.S.H.HK (25%)/Copyright Control (75%) TWA45960498E
Concrete Sea Concrete Sea OC: Terry Jacks; OP: Edward B.Marks Ms Co; SP: Sony Ms Publ TWA45960498F
Prologue / Winter Song Prologue, Winter Song OC: Chris Simpson TWA45960498G
Knife Knife OC: Norma Helms/Mitch Bottler/Rockwell; DP: Jobete Ms Co., Inc; SP: EMI Ms Publ (S.E.Asia) Ltd TWA45960498H
You Are the Reason You Are the Reason OC: Chris de Burgh; OP: Rondor Ms (London) Ltd TWA45960498I
Send In the Clowns Send In the Clowns OC: Sondheim Stephen; OP: Warner/Chappell Ms Int'l Ltd; SP: Warner/Chappell Ms, HK Ltd TWA45960498J
Big Dream Big Dream NONE TWA45960498K
  • 1997 駱駝‧飛鳥‧魚
Song English Title Song Chinese Title Words Music Arrangement Copyright
Fish & Bird 飛鳥與魚 齊豫 齊秦 涂惠元 TWA459757301
To Jueh With Love 覺 (遙寄林覺民) 許常德 & 齊豫 郭子 陳愛珍 & 周國儀 TWA459757302
To Have & Have Not 有·沒有 齊豫 齊秦 涂惠元 TWA459757303
Since You Ask 既然你問起 李格弟 李泰祥 李泰祥 & 李奕青 TWA459757304
Woman $ the Child I 女人與小孩I 李格弟 吳俊霖 江建民 TWA459757305
Lover's Silence 話題 黃舒駿 黃舒駿 陳愛珍 & 周國儀 TWA459757306
Tearless Weeping 哭泣的駱駝 許常德 郭子 涂惠元 TWA459757307
Blissfulness 幸福 齊豫 薛忠銘 江建民 TWA459757308
Lazy Love 懶洋洋 林夕 陳偉 陳偉 TWA459757309
Forty Lone Years 四十個無親無故的年頭 齊豫 李泰銘 李泰銘 TWA459757310
Bottle of Sighs 歎息瓶 李格弟 李泰祥 李泰祥 & 李奕青 TWA459757311
Woman & the Child II 女人與小孩II 李格弟 吳俊霖 江建民 TWA459757312
  • 1998 天浴 - 慾水 Whispering Steppes (Movie soundtrack album)
  • 1999 C'est La Vie (7th English album)
Song 歌曲 Words & Music
C'est la Vie 這就是人生 Lake, G/Sinfiel, P.
Forever 無限 Timo Tolkki
At Seventeen 十七歲 Janis Ian
Twist In My Sobriety 失常 Tanita Tikaram
Songs and Silhouettes 歌與翦影 Kate St John
Edge of a Dream 夢的邊緣 Tish Hinojosa
Geordie 喬第 Traditional
Time 時光 Dee Carstensen/Glen Burtm
And I Love You So 而我是如此愛你 Don Mc Lean
Wishful Milenio 千禧願 Rene Kupere/Yu Chyi
Song 歌曲 Term/項目
Windflower 風之花 OC: Seals, Jimmy/Crofts, Dan; OP: Sotjujo Music/Faizilu Music/Pink Pig Music; SP: Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd.
Whispering Steppes 細雨咽咽的的草原 Words by Yu Chyi/Composed & Arranged by Johnny Chen; OC: Johnny Chen/Yu Chyi; OP: Rock Music Publishing (Twn) Co., Ltd. TWA459848801
Turning 流轉 OC: Suzanne Ciani
The Rose 玫瑰 Duet: Chyi 齊豫/Sandy 林憶蓮; OC: Amanda McBroon; OP: Carlin Music Crop.; SP: Warner/Chappell Music, HD Ltd. TWA459753104
I Swear 我發誓 合唱: Chyi 齊豫/Sandy 林憶蓮/Teresa 杜麗莎/Prudence 劉美君; OT: I Swear; OC: Frank Myers/Gary Baker; OP: Morganactive Songs, Inc/Rick Hall/ MS (MAC MS Australia Pty); SP: Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd. EMI music Publ (S, E, Asia) Ltd. Twn Branch TWA459650102
  • 2003 The unheard of Chyi (Live concert album)

CD 1

Song 歌曲 Words/作詞 Music/作曲 Copyright/版權
Forever Timo Tolkki Timo Tolkki OP: Dark Wings Musikverlag / Maldoror Musikverlag; SP: EMI Music Publishing (S.E.Asia) Ltd., Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-01
Walking In the Rain 走在雨中 李泰祥 李泰祥 OP: 新格文化事業股份有限公司; TW-191-03-011-02
The Olive Tree 橄欖樹 三毛 李泰祥 OP: 新格文化事業股份有限公司; TW-191-03-011-03
Any Words Like This? 有沒有這種說法 齊豫 OP: Color Ms Artist Management Co., Ltd.; OP: 齊豫: SP: Universal Ms Publ Ltd. Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-04
Whoever Finds This, I Love You Mac Davis Mac Davis OP: Screen Gems - EMI Music Inc.; SP: EMI Music Publishing (S.E.Asia) Ltd. Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-05
High Heels In September 九月的高跟鞋 陳克華 OP: 陳克華; OP: Color Ms Artist Management Co., Ltd.; SP: Universal Ms Publ Ltd. Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-06
Stories J.Walravens / V.Lazlo / G.Waddy J.Walravens / V.Lazlo / G.Waddy OP: Buy My Record Publishing; SP: BMG Publishing Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-07
Blessing 祝福 王小虎 李泰祥 OP: 王小虎; OP: 李泰祥; TW-191-03-011-08
Lee Hsiang-Lang 李香蘭 Matsui Goro (改編詞: 周禮茂) Tamaki Koji OP: Fujipacific Music Inc; SP: Fujipacific Music (S.E.Asia) Ltd.; Admin By: 風華音樂經紀股份有限公司
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Seven O'clock 七點鐘 三毛 李宗盛 OP: Rock Music Publishing (Twn) Co., Ltd; TW-191-03-011-11

CD 2

Song 歌曲 Words/歌詞 Music/作曲 Copyright/版權
Song of the Boat 船歌 羅大佑 羅大佑 OP: MusicFactoryPublishingLtd.; SP: RockMusicPublishing(Twn)Co., Ltd; TW-191-03-011-12
All Soul Night Cornford Frances Vores Andrew Mark OP: Quinlan Road Music Ltd.; SP: BMG Music Publishing Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-13
Moonlight Flower Michael Cretu & Dylan Cross Michael Cretu & Dylan Cross OP: Edition Dataalfa; SP: Sony /ATV Music Publishing Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-14
The Answer 答案 羅青 李泰祥 OP: 新格文化事業股份有限公司; TW-191-03-011-15
另一種星星 Example Example Example
Vincent Don McLean Don McLean OP: Music Corp. of America, Inc. / Benny Bird Co., Inc; SP: Universal Ms Publ Ltd; TW-191-03-011-16
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Pete Seeger Pete Seeger OP: Sanga Music; SP: BMG Music Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-17
Story of Spring (Chyi v.s Daughter) 春天的故事 李泰祥 李泰祥 OP: 新格文化事業股份有限公司; TW-191-03-011-18
Windflower (duet with Wakin Chau) Jimmy Seals & Dan Crofts Jimmy Seals & Dan Crofts OP: Sutjujo Music / Faizilu Publishing; SP: Warner / Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd.; TW-191-03-011-19
Fish and Bird 飛鳥與魚 齊豫 齊秦 OP: Color Ms Artist Management Co., Ltd.; OP: 齊豫; SP: Universal Ms Publ Ltd. Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-20
C'est la Vie G. Lake & P. Sinfield G. Lake & P. Sinfield OP: Leadchoice Ltd.; SP: BMG Music Publishing Taiwan; TW-191-03-011-21
You Are My All Memory 你是我所有的回憶 侯建德 李泰祥 OP: 常夏音樂經紀有限公司; OP: 李泰祥; TW-191-03-011-22
Your Smiling Face 歡顏 沈呂白 李泰祥 OP: 新格文化事業股份有限公司; TW-191-03-011-23
Memory (NG)
Memory Andrew Lloyd Webber, Trevor Nunn & T.S.Eliot Andrew Lloyd Webber, Trevor Nunn & T.S. Eliot OP: Really Useful Group Ltd., The Faber & Faber Ltd.; SP: Universal Ms Publ Ltd.; TW-191-03-011-24
The Olive Tree (A Cappela Version) 橄欖樹(清唱版) 三毛 李泰祥 OP: 新格文化事業股份有限公司; TW-191-03-011-25


Song 歌曲 詞曲
Indescribable Night 無以名狀的夜 Kate St. John
  • 2003 印象·劉三姐 歌 - 籐纏樹 多謝了 (Concept album produced & only released in Mainland China)
  • 2004 唱經給你聽[壹] -- 順心: 因此更美麗 (Beauty Unveiled) (Buddhism album - Part 1)
Song Composer Arranger Lyric Origin Term OP.
懺悔文 梵曲 項仲為 大方廣佛華嚴經入不思議解脫境界普賢行願品 TW-191-03-19001 Copyright Control
大吉祥天女咒 黃慧音 項仲為 金光明經 TW-191-03-19002 OP.黃慧音
般若波羅蜜多心經 黃慧音 項仲為 唐三藏法師玄奘譯 TW-191-03-19003 OP.黃慧音
  • 2004 唱經給你聽[贰] -- 安心: 發現了勇氣 (Courage Uncovered) (Buddhism album - Part 2)
Song Writer/Vocal Arranger/編曲 Term OP.
大慈大悲觀世音 詞·曲 胡海基 黃韻玲 Copyright Control TW-191-03-21001 胡海基
大悲咒 曲 項仲為(參考海潮音版本) 項仲為 TW-191-03-21002 Great Music Publishing Ltd.
六字大明咒 合音 張淑蓉 項仲為 TW-191-03-21003 none
  • 2004 唱經給你聽[叁] -- 快樂行: 所以變快樂 (Blissfully Happy) (Buddhism album - Part 3)
Song Composer Arranger Term OP.
般若波羅蜜多心經* 黃慧音 項仲為 TW-191-03-22004 黃慧音
大悲咒* 項仲為(參考海潮音版本) 項仲為 TW-191-03-22005 Great Music Publishing Ltd.
六字大明咒*(合音 張淑蓉) none 項仲為 TW-191-03-22006 none
懺悔文* 梵曲 項仲為 TW-191-03-22007 none
望江南·歸依三寶贊(古詞 王安石) 陳楊 陳楊 TW-191-03-22001 風華音樂經紀股份有限公司
夢(偈 王安石) 黃韻玲 黃韻玲 TW-191-03-22002 Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd.
蓮花處處開(偈 龐蘊) 黃韻玲 黃韻玲 TW-191-03-22003 Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd.
大吉祥天女咒* 黃慧音 項仲為 TW-191-03-22008 黃慧音

(The songs marked with * are the short versions included in the same series of album I & II)

  • 2006 唱經給你聽之四·佛心 (Heart) (Buddhism album - Part 4)
Song Composer/Writer Performer Copyright Term
觀音菩薩偈 作曲·編曲 黃韻玲 齊豫·張淑蓉 O.P.果核有限公司 (Admin. By EMI MPT) TW-191-06-01001
清淨法身佛 編曲 項仲為 張家祥·齊豫·張淑蓉 Public Domain TW-191-06-01002
梵音大悲咒 編曲 項仲為 齊豫·張淑蓉 Public Domain TW-191-06-01003
觀音菩薩發願偈·大悲咒 編曲 項仲為 齊豫·張淑蓉 Public Domain TW-191-06-01004
普門頌 編曲 項仲為 演唱 齊豫/念誦 張淑蓉 Public Domain TW-191-06-01005
  • 2010 The Voice (8th English album - Christianity, Pop & Oldies)
Song Lyrics Music Arrangement Chorus Term OP./SP.
Ave Maria De Lourdes/路德聖母頌 Public Domain Public Domain 項仲為 K.T. Chang, Yu Chyi TW1910901001 none
Annie's Song/安妮的歌 John Denver John Denver 項仲為 none TW1910901002 OP. Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company, Inc / First State Media Group (Ireland) Ltd. SP. Fujipacific Music (S.E.Asia) Ltd. Admin by 風華音樂經紀股份有限公司 / Peermusic Taiwan Ltd.
Amazing Grace/奇異恩寵 Public Domain Public Domain 黃韻玲 Yu Chyi TW1910901003 none
Sailing/乘風破浪 Gavin Sutherland Gavin Sutherland 項仲為 K.T. Chang, Chun-er Chang, Jin-er Chang, Sophie Chang and Yu Chyi TW1910901004 OP. Island Music Ltd. SP. Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
Silent Night/平安夜 Public Domain Public Domain 屠穎 none TW1910901005 none
When a Child Is Born/希望之子誕生時 Seymandi, Maurizio / Specchia, Francesco / Salerno, Alberto Dammicco Ciro (Zacar) / Benbo, Dario Baldan 屠穎 none TW1910901006 OP. Belriver Edizioni Musical Srl. SP. EMI Music Publishing (S.E.Asia) Ltd., Taiwan
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear/天使歌聲 Public Domain Public Domain 屠穎 none TW1910901007 none
We Shall Overcome/我們將超越自己 Seeger, Pete / Hamilton / Horton / Carawan, Guy Hughes Jr Seeger, Pete / Hamilton / Horton / Carawan, Guy Hughes Jr 屠穎 Yu Chyi TW1910901008 OP. Ludlow Music / Essex Music Inc. SP. EMI Music Publishing (S.E.Asia) Ltd., Taiwan
You Light Up My Life/你照亮我的生命 Joe Brooks Joe Brooks 項仲為 none TW1910901009 OP. A. & N. Music Corp. / Curb Songs SP. Universal Music Publishing Ltd. / Warner/chappell Music Taiwan Ltd.
Joy to the World/普世歡騰 Public Domain Public Domain 塗惠源 Yu Chyi TW1910901010 none
Morning Has Broken/破曉 Lorenz, Gordon / Farjein Eleanor Lorenz, Gordon / Farjein Eleanor 項仲為 none TW1910901011 OP. EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (UK) SP. EMI Music Publishing (S.E.Asia) Ltd., Taiwan
  • 2011 雲端 (Over the Cloud)
Song Lyric Music Arrangement OP/SP Term
I Saw the Light Hank Williams Sr. Hank Williams Sr. 項仲為 OP: Sony/Atv Acuff Rose Music SP: Sony Music Publishing (Pte) Ltd. Taiwan Branch TW-191-11-01001
How Great Thou Art Stuart K Hine Stuart K Hine 項仲為 OP: 1953 The Stuart Hine Trust/All rights worldwide adm. by Kingsway Communications Ltd. (except USA admin. by EMI CMG Publishing and pringt rights adm. by Hope Publishing Company. All other rights in North, Central & S. America adm by Manna Music Inc) TW-191-11-01002
Angel Sarah Mclachlan Sarah Mclachlan 屠穎 OP: Tyde Music/Sony/Atv Song Llc SP: Sony Music Publishing (Pte) Ltd. Taiwan Branch TW-191-11-01003
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town Gillespie, Haven Coots, J Fred 項仲為 OP: EMI Feist Catalog Inc SP: EMI Music Publishing (S.E.Asia) Ltd., Taiwan TW-191-11-01004
In the Sweet By and By Traditional Traditional 項仲為 OP: Public Domain TW-191-11-01005
The Wayfaring Stranger Traditional Traditional 項仲為 OP: Public Domain TW-191-11-01006
White Christmas Irving Berlin Irving Berlin 屠穎 OP: Irving Berlin Music Corp (Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.) SP: Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd. TW-191-11-01007
Crying In the Chapel Artie Glenn Artie Glenn 屠穎 OP: Mijac Music (Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.) SP: Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd. TW-191-11-01008
Jingle Bells Traditional Traditional 項仲為 OP: Public Domain TW-191-11-01009
Will the Circle Be Unknown Traditional Traditional 項仲為 OP: Public Domain TW-191-11-01010
  • 2011 佛子行————三十七誦 (The 37 Teachings of Buddha)
Terms Names
Production SOHO Music
Producers Yu Chyi & Sophie Chang
Recital and Calligraphy Sophie Chang
Music Composed and Arranged by Jon Wei Hsiang
Recorded by Jimi Wei (at Asia Wind International Music)
Mixed by Shih Heng Wang (at Asia Wind International Music)
Mastered by Ben Wang (at Seaside Mastering)
佛子行三十七頌(一) TW-191-11-02001
佛子行三十七頌(二) TW-191-11-02002
OP Great Music Publishing Ltd.
Distribution Water Music
Marketing 知兩文化科技(台灣)有限公司
Graphic Designer Jonah Lee Workshop
Release Date 2011/12/27
  • 2014叩钟偈/准提神咒

(Morning Bell Gatha, Evening Bell Gatha, Cundhi Bodhisattva Mantra)

Terms Names
Production SOHO Music
Producers Yu Chyi & Sophie Chang
Recital and Calligraphy Sophie Chang
Music Composed and Arranged by Jon Wei Hsiang
Recorded by Jimi Wei (at Asia Wind International Music)
Mixed by Shih Heng Wang (at Asia Wind International Music)
Mastered by Chung Shu Sun
晨钟偈 TW-191-14-01001
暮钟偈 TW-191-14-01002
准提神咒 TW-191-14-01003
OP Great Music Publishing Ltd.
Distribution Rock Records
Graphic Designer Rou Weng
Release Date 2014/12/30
  • 2015 八圣吉祥祈请文 (The Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones)
Terms Names
Production 苏活工作室SOHO Music
Producers 齐豫Yu Chyi & 张淑蓉Sophie Chang
八圣吉祥祈请文 TW-191-15-01001
Music Composed 陈玮伦Otis Chen
Arranged by 屠颖 Ying Tu
经文 米滂仁波切
Mixed by Shih Heng Wang (at Asia Wind International Music)
Mastered by 王秉皇Ben Wang
OP 陈玮伦Otis Chen
Distribution Rock Records
Graphic Designer 李仲强Jonah Lee Workshop
Release Date 2015/07/01
*2017 地藏赞 (Praise For Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva The Bodhisattva  of the Great Vow )
Terms Names
地藏赞 TW-191-17-01001
演唱 齐豫Yu Chyi & 张淑蓉Sophie Chang
Music Composed 陈玮伦Otis Chen
Arranged By 邓易万 Yi WanDeng
Production 苏活工作室SOHO Music
Release Date 2017/06/09

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