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Phantom Investigators is a cartoon show that aired on Kids' WB, premiering on May 25, 2002 and ending on June 29, 2002. It was created using a surprising mixture of stop-motion animation (used for the main cast and the other citizens), puppetry (used for many of the supernatural creatures that are encountered), and live-action (used mainly for people who are dead, in other words, ghosts). The show was created by Stephen Holman, known for his work on Life with Loopy for Nickelodeon's KaBlam! which ran during all the duration.

General information[edit]

The show revolved around four kids in junior-high school. Three of them possess a different supernatural ability: Jericho has telekinetic powers, Casey can morph into anything, and Kira has telepathic abilities. Daemona, who is the only one without powers, is the leader of their group known as The Phantom Investigators, or "P.I." for short. Together, they help solve supernatural mysteries that occur all over town (accompanied by Wad, a chewing-gum sprite, and Jinxy, a bad-luck demon), and sometimes they will simultaneously find a solution to a personal-problem they are dealing with in the beginning of the episode.

Episode list[edit]

  • 01 - Demon Driver
  • 02 - Skating the Plank
  • 03 - Omega Pizza Pi
  • 04 - Birthday Presence
  • 05 - From Egypt with Love
  • 06 - Haunted Dreams
  • 07 - Stall of Doom
  • 08 - Were-Dog
  • 09 - The Year of the Snake
  • 10 - The 5th P.I.
  • 11 - Ghosts on Film
  • 12 - Thank Wad
  • 13 - Secrets Exposed!

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