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A porchcrawler or porchclimb is a mixed drink made primarily of beer, vodka, gin, and a sweetening agent (for instance, lemonade concentrate).[1][2] Sometimes rum or whiskey are included as well.[2][3] The final product is generally a highly-alcoholic, carbonated punch with a fruity taste and a light pink or yellow color. It is typically served from a large cooler of ice and is especially popular with North American college students.[3]


A variation, known as Skip and Go Naked, is made with Sprite, and gin instead of vodka.[4] When made with Pink Lemonade, it is termed the Pink Panty Dropper.

"Jungle Juice" is another variation.

If made with UV Blue and pink lemonade, the drink looks slightly purple, but mostly brown and is called Dishwater.

When mixed in a Rubbermaid tub it's known as the 21 Homestead.

A further variation, the Lee Bowyer, named after the English former professional footballer, replaces the beer with blue-coloured alcopop, such as the Blue WKD Original Vodka, and has become popular with students at the University of Exeter. Alternatively, the Turbo-Shandy combines beer (usually lager) with a lemon-based product (e.g. Smirnoff Ice.)


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