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Appletini (aka Apple Martini)
Top view of an Apple Martini
Type Mixed drink
Primary alcohol by volume
Served Straight up
Standard garnish

Apple slice; Cherry

Standard drinkware
Cocktail Glass (Martini).svg
Cocktail glass
Commonly used ingredients
Preparation Mix in a shaker, then pour into a chilled glass. Garnish and serve.

An apple martini (appletini for short) is a cocktail containing vodka and one or more of apple juice, apple cider, apple liqueur, or apple brandy.

This drink, properly called an Adam's Apple Martini, was created in 1997 at Lola's in West Hollywood, California, by bar owner Loren Dunsworth and bartender Adam Karsten.[1][2]


In its purest form, it would contain:

40 ml (1 ⅓ oz) top shelf vodka (or gin)
30 ml (⅔ oz) apple juice, cider, or most often-apple pucker

Typically, the ingredients are shaken or stirred and then strained into a cocktail glass.


A sweet and sour mix can also be added before shaking.

Optionally, vermouth may be included, as in a regular martini.

A common variation of the appletini is the "Rumpletini", with a light rum in place of the vodka.[citation needed]

A similar cocktail can be made with Martini Bianco white vermouth and apple juice in a long drink glass filled with ice.[3]

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