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The main entrance to OCAT

Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT) is a multi-purpose commercial complex in Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka housing South Osaka's inter-city bus terminal and coach ferry services to Kansai International Airport, JR Namba station and six floors of shops, restaurants, travel agencies and tourist offices. OCAT is also the venue for frequent musical performances and its outdoor Ponte Square area is the meeting place and practice area for Osaka's youthful street dance community. Urban dance competitions are held there every August.

Despite the name of the complex, OCAT is not actually an air terminal itself but part of an extended, inter-connected underground transport hub to Kansai International Airport. Namba Station, the terminal for south Osaka City bound train services (including Kansai International) is within 15 minutes walking distance from OCAT via the Namba Walk - an underground passageway lined with shops, bars and restaurants.


  • Roof: Roof Garden (closed from December to March)
  • 6th floor: Offices
  • 5th floor: Namba Municipal Tax Office、Restaurants, Bookstore (COMICS JUNKUDO Namba)
  • 4th floor: Osaka Lifelong Learning Center Namba, Namba Municipal Tax Office, Airline offices, Tourist information, Fortune
  • 3rd floor: Liquor and Imported foods (Yamaya), General stores, Relaxation
  • 2nd floor: Bus terminal, UNICEF office
  • 1st floor: Entrance, Fashion Mall, Post Office, Daiso
  • 1st basement: JR Namba Station, Restaurants, Pharmacy, Convenience store, passage to Minatomachi River Place, passage to Namba Walk
  • 3rd and 4th basement: Seijukai Medical Center

Bus terminal[edit]

Osaka Airport Transport Co., Ltd., Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise Co., Ltd., Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd., Nankai Bus Co., Ltd., West JR Bus Company, JR Bus Kanto Co., Ltd., JR Tokai Bus Company, Chugoku JR Bus Company, JR Shikoku Bus Company, Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd., Honshi Kaikyo Bus Co., Ltd., Nihon Kotsu Co., Ltd. (Osaka), Nihon Kotsu Co., Ltd. (Tottori), etc.

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