Ras al-Ayn

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Ras al-Ayn or variants (رأس العين, Raʼs al-ʻAyn; Arabic for 'Head of the Spring') may refer to:


  • Antipatris, an ancient city built by the Roman Empire, at some point known as Ras al-Ayn, a Palestinian Arab village depopulated in the 1920s
  • Ras al-Ein, Israel, a village in northern Israel, Galilee
  • Ras al-Ein, the Arabic name for Rosh HaAyin
  • Ras El Ain, a district in Amman

Classical Arabic diction[edit]

There is a similar yet idiomatic phrase, sometimes said by an employee in response to their boss's orders: على الرأس والعين (ʻAlá al-raʼs wa-al-ʻayn), literally 'on the head and the eye', with the intended meaning 'Very gladly; Just as you wish! At your service!'.[1]


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