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Rahul Mukerjee
Born (1956-02-09) 9 February 1956 (age 62)[1]
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
ResidenceKolkata, West Bengal, India
Nationality India
Citizenship India
AwardsShanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (2000)

J.C. Bose National Fellowship (2010–15, 2015-20)

Mahalanobis International Award (2017)

P.V. Sukhatme National Award in Statistics (2018)
Scientific career
InstitutionsIIM Calcutta

Rahul Mukerjee is an Indian academic and statistician. He is a professor of statistics, in the higher academic grade, at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.[1] He is also a J.C. Bose National Fellow, Government of India.


Mukerjee completed his BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees in Statistics at the University of Calcutta, with rank first in the first class in each case.[2] He received his PhD in Statistics in 1982 from the University of Calcutta.[2]


After completing his education, Mukerjee taught briefly at University of Calcutta and then at the Indian Statistical Institute, where he was awarded an out-of-turn promotion to full professorship at the age of thirty three. He joined IIM Calcutta as a full professor in 1989.[3] At IIM-C, Mukerjee teaches courses in the fields of Statistics and Mathematics.[3] In addition to his full-time position at IIM Calcutta, he has held short- or long-term visiting positions in many institutions around the world, including Harvard University, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, University of Michigan, Pennsylvania State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, University of Florida, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Simon Fraser University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Hiroshima University, University of Hong Kong, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Nankai University, Seoul National University, National University of Singapore, University of Malaya, Kuwait University and University of São Paulo.[3]

Mukerjee is or has been on the editorial boards of such major international journals as The Annals of Statistics, Biometrika, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B, and Statistica Sinica.


Selected bibliography[edit]

Rahul Mukerjee has authored or co-authored 5 books and over 240 papers.[9]


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