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This article is about the software company. For other users of the same term, see Red Dot (disambiguation).

RedDot, founded in 1993, is a business unit of Open Text Corporation and is referred to as the Web Solutions Group of Open Text. The software assists in the management of content, with regulatory compliance and industry specific requirements.

Its core product, RedDot CMS is a Windows-based server application to allow Web content management in a multi-user environment with many content contributors. Complementary to the CMS or as a standalone product LiveServer allows to aggregate disparate document resources via connectors and serve them up as Web pages.

Company history[edit]

1993 - Niels Metger and Anke Metger found legal entity under the name INFOTIP in Oldenburg.

1995 - The development of the content management system under the name InfoOffice started.

2000 - The company expands its activities from Europe to North America. InfoOffice is renamed RedDot Solutions.

2001 - InfoOffice becomes RedDot Solutions.

2005 - Hummingbird Ltd. bought the, up till then, privately owned RedDot Solutions from its founder Niels Metger.

2006 - Open Text Corporation from Waterloo, Canada takes over RedDot's parent company Hummingbird Ltd..[1]

Content authoring[edit]

The red dots on the authoring interface indicated sections of editable content for each web page,[2] hence the name RedDot for the product. This easy to use feature was popular with customers and won awards[3] in 2001 for its usability. By 2006 RedDot was one of the few WCM vendors left that continued to develop the content authoring interface in house. Most other WCM vendors had moved to open source alternatives or licensed an Online rich-text editor from commercial vendors such as Ephox and Ektron. In response to customers' attempts to work around the limitations of the RedDot editor by installing other editors [4] RedDot announced that they had developed an integration layer to allow the use of CKeditor and Ephox EditLive! as alternative editors.[5] In 2009 RedDot (now the OpenText Web Solutions Group) made the Telerik RadEditor available alongside the existing RedDot editor for CMS 9.[6]

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