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Reikou tree grown as a pot plant

Reikou (麗紅, reikō) is a cultivar of tangor.[1] It is a citrus hybrid of a hybrid of Kiyomi and Encore (Kiyomi–Encore No. 5) and Murcott tangor.[1][2]


The fruit can be easily peeled by hand.[3] It has a sugar content of between 12% and 13%, with some fruits reaching 15%.[3] The weight of a fruit is 210 grams, relatively large for a tangor, and the fruit is reddish-orange colour.[1] It fruits in late January.[1] It does not produce pollen, so it must be pollinated by another species of citrus.[1]

Its systematic name is Kankitsu Kuchinotsu 32 Gō (カンキツ口之津32号)[clarification needed] after Kuchinotsu, Nagasaki where it was bred.[1] It was hybridized in 1984, with its name registered in 2004 and the variety registered in 2005.[1] The first fruits came on sale in 2007.[3]


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