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A glass of limeade

Limeade is a lime-flavored drink sweetened with sugar. A typical method of preparation is to juice limes, and combine the juice with simple syrup or honey syrup, along with some additional water and perhaps more sugar or honey.[1] Vodka or white tequila can be added to make a limeade cocktail.[2]

Most major beverage companies now offer their own brand of limeade, such as A.G. Barr of Glasgow and Newman's Own since 2004, with Minute Maid introducing a cherry limeade drink in response to the popularity of limeade.[3]

Sonic Drive-In uses Sprite to create its popular cherry limeade.[4]

It is one of the most popular drinks in India and Pakistan and is known as nimbu paani or limbu pani;[5] lemons can also be used for nimbu paani.

Limeade is popular in tropical countries such as Guyana and Trinidad, where limes are common.[citation needed]

Limeade is also widely available in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia due to the abundance of limes and relative rarity of lemons, as lemons are not a native species.[citation needed] A Thai-styled limeade tastes salty, and sometimes does not have any sugar.[6]

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