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A glass of limeade

Limeade is a lime flavored drink sweetened with sugar.

Most major beverage companies now offer their own brand of limeade, such as A.G. Barr of Glasgow and Newman's Own since 2004, with Minute Maid introducing a Cherry Limeade drink in response to the popularity of Limeade.[1]

Sonic Drive-In uses Sprite to create its popular cherry limeade.[2]

It is one of the most popular drinks in India and Pakistan and is known as nimbu paani or limbu pani;[3] lemons can also be used for nimbu paani.

Limeade is popular in tropical countries such as Guyana and Trinidad, where limes are common.[citation needed]

Limeade is also widely available in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia due to the abundance of limes and relative rarity of lemons, as lemons are not a native species.[citation needed] A Thai-styled limeade tastes salty, and sometimes does not have any sugar.[4]

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