List of citrus fruits

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This is a list of citrus fruits:

Image Taxonomic
Amanatsu Citrus kawanonatsudaidai fruit.jpg Citrus natsudaidai Yellowish-orange in colour, about the size of grapefruit and oblate in shape. The fruit contains 12 segments and about 30 seeds.
Bergamot orange Bergamotfruit.jpg Citrus bergamia Citrus bergamia, the bergamot orange, is a fragrant citrus fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow or green colour similar to a lime, depending on ripeness. Genetic research into the ancestral origins of extant citrus cultivars found bergamot orange to be a probable hybrid of lemon and bitter orange.
Mixed Calamondin-Calamansi.jpg × Citrofortunella mitis Calamansi, also known as calamondin, Philippine lime, or Philippine lemon, is an economically important citrus hybrid predominantly cultivated in the Philippines. It is native to the Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra, and Sulawesi in Indonesia in Southeast Asia, Malaysia as well as southern China and Taiwan in East Asia.
Chinotto Citrus myrtifolia 2.jpg Citrus myrtifolia It is an essential flavoring agent of most Italian amari, of the popular Campari apéritif, and of several brands of carbonated soft drinks that are generically called "chinotto".
Citrumelo × Citroncirus ssp. Citrumelo is also called Swingle citrumelo trifoliate hybrid, because it is cold hardy and is a hybrid between a 'Duncan' grapefruit and a trifoliate orange, developed by Walter Tennyson Swingle.
Clementine Clementines whole, peeled, half and sectioned.jpg Citrus reticulata A clementine is a tangor, a citrus fruit hybrid between a willowleaf mandarin orange and a sweet orange, named in honour of Clément Rodier, a French missionary who first discovered and propagated the cultivar in Algeria. The exterior is a deep orange colour with a smooth, glossy appearance.
Clymenia Citrus Clymenia Clymenia fruits are a small hesperidium, a citrus fruit. Sweet and lemony in flavor, the tangerine-sized fruits are highly segmented, with yellow pulp, and a leathery rind, They contain a large number of polyembryonic seeds.
Desert lime CSIRO ScienceImage 3400 The Australian Outback Lime.jpg Citrus glauca Found in lowland subtropical rainforest and dry rainforest areas of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Early settlers consumed the fruit and retained the trees when clearing for agriculture. Commercial uses include boutique marmalade and restaurant dishes, and is exported for such.
Finger lime Citrus australasica green fruit1.JPG Citrus australasica The finger lime has been recently popularised as a gourmet bushfood. Finger lime is thought to have the widest range of colour variation within any Citrus species.
Ginger lime
Ada-jamir.jpg Citrus assamensis Citrus assamensis, the adajamir or ginger lime, is a species of flowering plant in the family Rutaceae, native to Assam and Bangladesh. It is locally cultivated for its fruit, which give a very sour juice with an aroma reminiscent of ginger or eucalyptus.
New Summer Orange
Hyuganatsu cut.jpg Citrus tamurana Hyuganatsu (Citrus tamurana, Japanese: 日向夏) is a citrus fruit and plant grown in Japan. The name comes from Hyūga, the ancient name of Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu, where the citrus is said to have originated, while "natsu" (夏) means summer. Hyūganatsu grown outside Kyushu are sometimes shipped under different names such as Konatsu (小夏), Tosakonatsu (土佐小夏), or New Summer Orange (ニューサマーオレンジ).
Kabosu Kabosu.jpg Citrus sphaerocarpa Kabosu (カボス or 臭橙; binomial name: Citrus sphaerocarpa) is a citrus fruit of an evergreen broad-leaf tree in the family Rutaceae. It is popular in Japan, where its juice is used to improve the taste of many dishes, especially cooked fish, sashimi, and hot pot dishes.
Kanpei 귤과 레드향.jpg Citrus reticulata 'Kanpei' Kanpei, also known as Ehime queen splash, is a Citrus cultivar that originated in Japan. Kanpei was created by crossing the dekopon and nishinokaori varieties in 1991, although it was not officially introduced until August 2007.
Kawachi Bankan Kawachi bankan 2 河内晩柑.jpg Citrus kawachiensis Two varieties of Kawachi Bankan have been identified: one, a hybrid between the ujukitsu (seed parent, Citrus ujukitsu) and an unidentified species (pollen parent), and the other, a hybrid between the yuge-hyoukan (seed parent, Citrus yuge-hyokan) and an unidentified species (pollen parent).
Key lime Ripekeylime.jpg Citrus aurantiifolia
Koji orange Manda.jpg Citrus leiocarpa
Kuchinotsu No. 37 Kiyomi × Encore
Kumquat Quinotos.jpg Citrus japonica Also sometimes thought to be a part of its own Genus, called Fortunella
Lemon Lemon - whole and split.jpg Citrus limon
Lime Limes whole and halved.jpg
Mandarin orange
Mandarin Oranges (Citrus Reticulata).jpg Citrus reticulata
Mangshanyegan Citrus mangshanensis
Myrtle-leaved orange tree Citrus myrtifolia 2.jpg Citrus myrtifolia
Pompia Pompia frutto aperto.jpg Citrus medica tuberosa
Ponkan Ponkan tree in Florida.jpg Citrus poonensis
Round lime
Australian lime
Australian round lime
Citrus australis round fruit.jpg Citrus australis
Cold hardy mandarin
Satsuma mandarin
Satsuma orange
Christmas orange
Citrus unshiu 20101127 c.jpg Citrus unshiu
Sudachi Sudachi.png Citrus sudachi
Sweet limetta
Mediterranean sweet lemon
Sweet lemon
Sweet lime
Citrus limetta.jpeg Citrus limetta
Tangerine TangerineFruit.jpg Citrus tangerina
Volkamer lemon Citrus volkameriana
Yukou Citrus yuukou3.jpg Citrus yuko


Image Taxonomic
Bitter orange
Seville orange
Sour orange
Bigarade orange
Marmalade orange
Citrus aurantium.jpg Citrus × aurantium
Blood orange BloodOrange.jpg Citrus × sinensis
Cam sành Camsanh.jpg Citrus reticulata × maxima
Citrange Citrus sinensis × Poncirus trifoliata
First Lady
Iyokan on tree.jpg Citrus × iyo
Florentine citron Cedro da Fiorenza Volkamer 1708 124a.png Citrus × limonimedica
Grapefruit Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit, pink) white bg.jpg Citrus × paradisi
Haruka はるか.JPG Citrus tamurana × natsudaidai
Hassaku Hassaku fruit and cross section.jpg Citrus × hassaku
Jabara Citrus jabara by OpenCage.jpg Citrus × jabara
Kobayashi mikan Citrus natsudaidai × unshiu
Meyer lemon Meyer Lemon.jpg Citrus × meyeri
Navel orange Citrus × sinensis
Sweet orange
OrangeBloss wb.jpg Citrus × sinensis
Orangelo Citrus paradisi × Citrus sinensis
Oroblanco (sweetie) fruits.jpg Citrus grandis × C. Paradisi/Citrus maxima/Citrus grandis
Persian lime
Tahiti lime
Bearss lime
Limes.jpg Citrus × latifolia
Citrus grandis - Honey White.jpg Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis
Taiwan tangerine
Flat lemon
Hirami lemon
Thin-skinned flat lemon
Shikwasa-1.jpg Citrus × depressa
Minneola fruit 3.jpg C. reticulata × C. maxima or ×C. paradisi
Tangor Photo ortanique.JPG C. reticulata × C. sinensis
Jamaican tangelo Ugli.jpg Citrus reticulata × Citrus paradisi
Kinkoji unshiu Citrus obovoidea × unshiu
Kinnow Harvest Kinnow.jpg Citrus nobilis × Citrus deliciosa
Kiyomi Kiyomi.JPG Citrus unshiu × Citrus sinensis
Ponderosa lemon PonderosaLemon.jpg Citrus maxima × medica
Rangpur limette.jpg Citrus × limonia
Ichang lemon
Ichangfruit.jpg Citrus cavaleriei × C. maxima
Shonan Gold 湘南ゴールド 結果状況2.JPG Citrus flaviculpus hort. ex Tanaka (Ōgonkan) × Citrus unshiu
Yuzu Yuzufruit.jpg Citrus cavaleriei × C. reticulata


Image Taxonomic
Citron Citrus medicus fruit.jpg Citrus medica
Balady citron
Israel citron
Balady citron (Braverman cultivar).jpg Citrus medica Grown in Israel and used for Jewish ritual purposes.
Buddha's hand
Fingered citron
Buddhas hand 2.jpg Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis Buddha's hand can be found in Northeast India as well as China.
Corsican citron Cédrat.jpg Citrus medica
Etrog Etrog without Pitom.jpg Citrus medica
Diamante citron Cedro da Fiorenza Volkamer 1708 124a.png Citrus medica var. vulgaris
Greek citron Ordang multi.JPG Citrus medica
Moroccan citron MoroccoEtrog.JPG Citrus medica


Image Taxonomic
Papeda Ichangfruit.jpg Papedas are a group of less palatable, slow-growing, hardy citrus native to Asia, formerly placed in the subgenus Papeda of the genus Citrus. The papeda group includes some of the most tropical, and also some of the most frost-tolerant citrus plants. They are cultivated far less often than other citrus, though they will all hybridize with other citrus.

This group contains about 15 species.

Ichang papeda Ichangfruit.jpg Citrus cavaleriei
Kaffir lime Citrus hystrix dsc07772.jpg Citrus hystrix

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