Rifle Creek Dam

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Rifle Creek Dam
StateLibQld 1 256950 Rifle Creek Dam, Mt. Isa, 1932.jpg
The dam in 1932
Location 28km South East of Mount Isa, Queensland
Coordinates 20°57′27″S 139°35′24″E / 20.9574°S 139.59°E / -20.9574; 139.59Coordinates: 20°57′27″S 139°35′24″E / 20.9574°S 139.59°E / -20.9574; 139.59
Type reservoir
Basin countries Australia
Water volume 9,488 ML
Settlements Mount Isa

Rifle Creek Dam is owned by Mount Isa Mines. With the completion of the East Leichhardt Dam in 1958, Rifle Creek Dam water was completely available for use by the mine.

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