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River Trail
Developer(s) Intel
Website github.com/IntelLabs/RiverTrail

River Trail (also known as Parallel JavaScript) is an open source software engine designed by Intel for executing JavaScript code using parallel computing on multi-core processors.

River Trail was announced at the Intel Developer Forum in September 2011, and demonstrated using a Firefox extension developed by Intel. Brendan Eich, the original author of JavaScript, promised that he would promote River Trail within Ecma International, saying "The demo shows a 15x speedup over serial JavaScript. It lights up the ridiculously parallel hardware in modern CPUs and GPUs, for audio, video, image processing, automated voice response, computer vision, 3D gaming, etc. – all written in memory-safe, clean, functional JavaScript, without threads and their data races and deadlocks."[1] Because River Trail leverages Intel's OpenCL SDK[2] it can exploit multiple CPU cores as well as data parallel instructions (ex. AVX, SSE) and the speedup can be greater than the CPU core count would imply.

A native implementation of River Trail in Firefox's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine was announced in September 2012[3] and was added to nightly Firefox builds in April 2013.[4] By January 2015, the code had been removed from Firefox.[5][6]


To use the engine scripts uses a special API, based on three pillars: a type called ParallelArray, several methods of Prototype of ParallelArray, and elementary functions.[7]


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