Russell River (Queensland)

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Russell River
Origin Frances Range
Mouth confluence with the Mulgrave River
Basin countries Australia
Basin area 668 km2[1]

The Russell River is a short river that passes east of the town of Babinda in Far North Queensland, Australia.

The river branches and their headwaters rise in the region of the two highest mountains in Queensland, the highest Mount Bartle Frere, and Mount Bellenden Ker. They are parts of the Bellenden Ker or Wooroonooran Range, in the Wooroonooran National Park.[1]

Parts of the lower reaches are protected within the Russell River National Park.

It flows north eastwards to the Coral Sea, after being joined by the Mulgrave River in an estuary. Water from the river is used to grow sugar cane on the coastal plains surrounding the Russell River's lower reaches.[1]

Josephine Falls are located on Josephine Creek, a tributary of the Russell River. The river is a popular location for whitewater rafting.

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Coordinates: 17°20′35.41″S 145°57′35.59″E / 17.3431694°S 145.9598861°E / -17.3431694; 145.9598861