Maranoa River

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Maranoa River
Mitchell Maranoa River DSC03260.JPG
Downstream on the Maranoa River at Mitchell
Origin Carnarvon National Park
Mouth confluence with the Balonne River
Basin countries Australia
Basin area 20,039 km²[1]

The Maranoa River is a large river situated in South West Queensland. The Maranoa passes through Mitchell and flows south towards St George. It is a tributary of the Balonne River which eventually flows into the Darling River (via a few branches), so it contributes to the Murray-Darling Basin.

The river rises on the Consuelo Tableland in the Carnarvon National Park. The valleys in the river's catchment area are broad rather than gorge-like as in the nearby Carnarvon Gorge, with isolated bluffs and pillars of sandstone on sandy plains.[2]

The Merivale River is a major tributary of the Maranoa River. The Warrego Highway crosses the river at Mitchell.

A number of Australian folksongs (such as "Sandy Maranoa" and "The Maranoa Drovers") refer to this river.

The Neil Turner Weir was built on the river in 1984. It provides limited supplies for irrigation purposes as well supplying drinking water for the town of Mitchell.[3] It also regulates streamflow and has recreational uses.

Major flooding on the river occurred in 1990.[4]

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Coordinates: 27°50′S 148°37′E / 27.833°S 148.617°E / -27.833; 148.617