Hong Kong Adventist Academy

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Hong Kong Adventist Academy
1111 Clear Water Bay Road
Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
School type Private
Principal Dr. Frank Tam
Staff ~20 teaching staff
Grades Primary 1 to Secondary 6
Gender Co-educational
Number of students ~170pupils
Student to teacher ratio 5:1
Language English
Campus size 40,000 sq. meters
Hong Kong Adventist Academy
Traditional Chinese 香港復臨學校
Simplified Chinese 香港复临学校

Hong Kong Adventist Academy (HKAA, Chinese: 香港復臨學校) is an English language co-educational primary and secondary school, located on the campus of Hong Kong Adventist College in Clearwater Bay (near Sai Kung). The school consists of students and teachers from around the world offering a true international view, and is part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which has over 8,000 schools and 65,000 teachers worldwide, making it the 2nd largest education system in the world. HKAA boasts low class sizes of around 15 students per class on average, compared to many of the Hong Kong private, international and government schools that have class sizes of 30+ students per class. The philosophy of the school is to prepare students not only academically but also spiritually, mentally, socially and physically.

Hong Kong Adventist Academy was formed from the Sam Yuk School and was previously named the Hong Kong Adventist College English Secondary Section prior to the establishment of the primary section. It is an English language school with all classes at both primary and secondary level taught in English.


Primary School[edit]

The primary section accepts children starting at age 5 years and 8 months, and other than the Chinese subject, all students are taught in English by native English teachers. Subjects taught at primary level include English, Mathematics, Mandarin, Science, Computer Science, Religious Education, Physical Education, General Studies, Music and Art. Although HKAA is a private school it has chosen to follow the Hong Kong curriculum interjected with international elements to offer a bespoke and high quality education.

Class sizes in the primary section average around 10 students, and many classrooms have both a teacher and teacher assistant which ensures a very high degree of focus on the students academic needs. There are specialist teachers for Mandarin, Physical Education, Music, Art and Computer Science.

Secondary School[edit]

The secondary section is for children who have completed Primary six or the equivalent of six years primary education. In junior secondary, subjects taught include English, Mandarin, Math, Geography, History, Civics and Economics, Science, Technology, Art, Music, Religious Education, and Physical Education. Senior secondary subjects include English, Mandarin, Math, Liberal Studies, Art, Choir, Religious Education, and Physical Education. Senior secondary students are also able to choose from a variety of elective subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Economics, and Business. HKAA also offers a three-year American elective that includes American History, Literature, and Government. Upon completion of secondary school, HKAA students may choose to take the HKDSE, the SAT, or both, depending on their preferred university path. Except for Mandarin, all classes are taught in English. The teaching staff come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, bringing an international perspective to their teaching.

Campus and Facilities[edit]

College and Administration Block
Lower Primary School Building

Hong Kong Adventist Academy and Hong Kong Adventist College are co-located on 40,000 m2 of grounds in Clearwater Bay. The majority of teaching staff live on campus, and boarding also exists for older students.

Primary Building[edit]

4 classrooms, primary administration office, washrooms for primary students only

Secondary Building[edit]

The secondary section of the Academy operates from largest building on campus, which was built in 1997. It has 26 classrooms, including 5 science laboratories, a multi-media activity room, a multi-media Learning Centre, 2 computer rooms, a music room, a geography room, an art room, a library, an assembly hall, a badminton court, and a cafeteria.

To integrate information technology into teaching, the school has installed a broadband network; teachers and students have internet access. Students have their own individual account and can communicate with teachers or submit homework through the Internet. All parents can also get access to the school' s notices, calendar, homework and other information from the school's website.

Outdoor Facilities[edit]

- a football pitch, a basketball court, a volleyball court

Other Facilities[edit]

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