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Game background
Home plane Abyss
Power level Demon lord
Alignment Chaotic evil
Superior None
Design details

Sch'theraqpasstt is a demon lord, in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Publication history[edit]

Sch'theraqpasstt was first mentioned in the article "The Ecology of the Yuan-Ti" in Dragon #151 (November 1989).[1]

Sch'theraqpasstt received further details in third edition in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss (2006).[2]


In Dragon #151, the (Oriental) yuan-ti described there are made to worship a demon lord called Sch'theraqpasstt, who resembles a great, black-scaled winged snake. The article goes on to say that the yuan-ti have turned to other creatures of the Abyss for power since Sch'theraqpasstt's decline. Sch'theraqpasstt is a deity in decline, and is said to have gone mad while attempting to merge with his Abyssal layer.[1]



Desiring to gain ultimate power, it conducted a ceremony designed to completely merge its mind with that of the 111th layer of the Abyss, becoming a sentient, infinite realm. The layer is now called the Mind of Evil, a place where reality itself is so insane and capricious almost no life can survive.



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