Shahi Jamia Mosque

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Shahi Jamia Masjid
شاہی جامہ مسجد
शाही जामिया मस्जिद
షాహీ జామియా మసీదు
Shahi Jamia Mosque is located in Andhra Pradesh
Shahi Jamia Mosque
Shown within Andhra Pradesh
Basic information
Geographic coordinates15°37′32″N 77°16′20″E / 15.625556°N 77.272222°E / 15.625556; 77.272222Coordinates: 15°37′32″N 77°16′20″E / 15.625556°N 77.272222°E / 15.625556; 77.272222[1]
ProvinceAndhra Pradesh
Architectural description
Architect(s)Malli Sandal
Architectural typeMosque
Architectural styleIslamic
Funded bySiddi Masood Khan[2]
Completed1662; 356 years ago (1662)
Construction cost2,000,000 dinars + 77,000
Site area10 acres (4.0 ha)

The as (Urdu: شاہی جامہ مسجد‎, Hindi: शाही जामिया मस्जिद, Telugu: షాహీ జామియా మసీదు) is a mosque in Adoni, India. The masjid is a relic of architectural and cultural heritage. People from all sections of society and religions are allowed to visit and take pictures of this historical premise.[3][4] It lies in the heart of the town, near the market, a very busy place within the town.[1]

Construction and architecture[edit]

It is believed that this masjid was built by Siddi Masood Khan who was the Governor of Adoni during the regime of Bijapur Sultan's. The land was purchased from Mohammed Shahnaz Namia by Masood Khan by giving 77,000 and spent the total amount of 2,000,000 dinars to complete the construction of the masjid. The architects for this masjid were Iranian engineers headed by Malli Sandal.

In the front side of the masjid, 15 black slabs can be found, in which the things about the masjid are written in Arabic and Persian languages along with some Ayats of the Quran. Hadith's can also be found. The chains in the left and right minarets of the masjid gives more beauty.


The specialty of this masjid is that the area of this masjid is as same as of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


However the masjid is surrounded by the shops which comes under Masjid's committee. Rather than this the areas around Masjid are

  • Front side - Market, P.N Road
  • Backside - Masoodia Arabic High School, Masid Pura, Khazi Pura
  • Right side - Flower Bazar
  • Left side - Shroff Bazar

A thriving market exists around the Masjid.

Educational institution[edit]

The Masjid committee also operates a high school within the mmasjid called Masoodia Arabic High School. It is named for Siddi Masood Khan.

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