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Rubens apostel simon.jpg
St. Simon the Zealot, by Peter Paul Rubens (c. 1611), from his Twelve Apostles series at the Museo del Prado, Madrid
Gender Male
Name day

January 5 (Hungary)
May 10 (Eastern Orthodoxy)
October 23 (France)

October 28 (Germany, Hungary, Sweden)
Word/name The Bible
Meaning "listen"
Popularity see popular names

Simon is a common name, from Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן Šimʻôn, meaning "listen." It is also a classical Greek name, deriving from an adjective meaning "flat-nosed".[1]:232[2]

The Hebrew name is Hellenized as Symeon ( Greek: Συμεών) in the Septuagint, and in the New Testament as both Symeon[3] and, according to most authorities, Simon. Some commentators on the New Testament say that it could be a Hellenised form of the Hebrew Shim'on, but if not then it indicates that Peter came from a "Hellenistic background"; this was not unheard of in this era, as contemporary Jews such as Andrew the Apostle sometimes bore originally Greek names.[4]:58

Simon is one Latinised version of the name, the others being Simeon or Symeon. This practice carried over into English: in the King James Version, the name Simeon Niger is spelt Simeon (Act 13:1) as is Simeon (Gospel of Luke) (Luke 2:25), while Peter is called Simon (John 1:44).

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