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IndustrySocial Commerce
FoundedBellevue, Washington(February 1, 2012 (2012-02-01))
FounderRyan Wuerch
DefunctDecember 4, 2015 (2015-12-04)
Number of locations
Area served
United States, including Puerto Rico
Key people
Ryan Wuerch (Founder, CEO)
Rick White (Head of Legal and Policy)
ProductsSocial-based mobile virtual network operator
Number of employees

Solavei was a social commerce network offering contract-free mobile service in the United States.[1][2] The company was known for its use of incentivized referral plans and social network advertising program.[1][3][4] In addition to its mobile phone services, Solavei operated a social commerce network for its users.[1][5][6] Ryan Wuerch founded the company in 2012.[1][6] As of 2013, Solavei had 140 employees and was valued by investors at $120 million.[6][7][8][9][10] The company has been described as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company,[11][12] or of being very similar to a MLM company.[13]

On June 18, 2014, the company filled Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.[14]

On November 19, 2015, Solavei announced its carrier partner, T-Mobile USA, had terminated its agreement to provide service under the condition that Solavei did not meet expectations. Solavei customers were allowed to migrate to T-Mobile Prepaid for a $10 monthly credit for 6 months and a free month of service. Wireless service was discontinued on December 4, 2015.[15]


Solavei was launched in September 2012 and operated as an MVNO through its partnership with T-Mobile US.[1][6][16] The company’s initial offering was a $49 per month, no-contract mobile phone plan for unlimited voice, text, and data.[6][7] In September 2013 the company implemented the loyalty card program Solavei Marketplace. The program enabled users to receive discounts at participating retailers.[16][17][18]

The company utilized a customer-to-customer marketing model, paying its customers on a recurring basis for referrals.[1] As of August 2013, Solavei had paid out more than $14.4 million to its near 280,000 members.[6][7][10][17][19]


Ryan Wuerch, former CEO and founder of Motricity, is the founder and CEO of Solavei.[6] [20][21][22][23] In February 2012, Wuerch and his team raised $5 million in initial seed funding.[20]

Some of Solavei’s financial backers included Jonathan Miller of News Corp and David Limp of[24][25]

Marketing model[edit]

Solavei paid its customers for referrals.[1] At its simplest, users earned $5 per month for every customer that they signed up for mobile service.[1][6][26][27] The income generated was deposited on the Solavei Visa PayCard, which could be used wherever Visa is accepted.[1][6] Solavei Visa PayCard also allowed members to gain access to Solavei Marketplace that was launched on October, 2013, which featured cash-back discounts for a variety of retailers.[28]

The company used its advertising and sponsorship funds to compensate its members to build distribution networks.[1] Through sharing on social media outlets, grassroots campaigns on YouTube, and regional events, Solavei had developed a business model that relied on customer-to-customer interaction.[1][19]


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