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The Spice Networks are a group of adult pay-per-view channels first launched in March 1994. The services are available via cable, IPTV, and satellite services, and available in more than 72 countries including the United States and New Zealand. The networks broadcast adult content or pornography content. Originally built and owned by Playboy Enterprises, the Spice Networks, along with the namesake Playboy TV channel and the operating rights to Playboy's websites (excluding the Playboy Cyber Club, which was later shut down) were sold to Manwin (now MindGeek) in late 2011.[1] The Playboy.com domain was later bought back from Manwin, while the Spice networks were rebranded with the names of brands owned by Manwin.

Spice Networks operate Adult Channel (United Kingdom and Ireland) and Spice TV (Korea).


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