Steamed meatball

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Steamed meatball
HK Pacific Plaza SYP 德韾苑 Tak Hing Yuen Seafood Restaurant beef meat balls Mar-2013 Bamboo steamer.JPG
CourseDim Sum
Place of originHong Kong, Guangdong
Main ingredientsBeef
Steamed meatball
Hanyu Pinyinshānzhú niúròu wán
Literal meaningtofu bamboo beef ball

Steamed meatball is a common Cantonese dim sum dish.[1] It is popular in Hong Kong and most overseas Chinatowns. The meatballs are usually made of minced beef, with water chestnut to add texture and with coriander and chenpi used as seasoning. A layer of tofu skin, or sometimes peas, are used to raise the meatballs from the bottom of the dish and prevent them from sitting in the cooking juices. It is generally served with Worcestershire sauce (Chinese: 喼汁; Cantonese Yale: gīp jāp; pinyin: jiézhī).


The meatball originated from Muslims during the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, there are numerous Hui Muslims, the descendants of Persian and Arab traders, resident in Guangzhou.

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