Snake bite chicken

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Snake bite chicken
Traditional Chinese蛇咬雞
Simplified Chinese蛇咬鸡

Snake bite chicken is a controversial dish served in Guangdong and Chongqing China, though its exact origin is unknown. The dish consist of a venomous snake being forced to bite a chicken. After the chicken is envenomated and dies, it is then served.


The foshan dish cooking method is made by forcing a venomous snake to bite a chicken. The chicken is bitten and poisoned through the head.[1] It may take more than 10 minutes for the chicken to die. A strong chicken may require several bites.[1] After the chicken dies, it can be served in a pan for 98 Chinese yuan. If it is served with both the chicken and the snake, it costs 118 yuan.[1]


A controversial video was made from a Guangdong restaurant.[1] It was then broadcast and generated a large number of anti-Cantonese comments.[2] When a reporter asked a notable professor from Sun Yat-sen University about the health benefit of the dish, he claimed that it was only his first time of hearing about the dish.[1] Health authorities in Guangdong have already told restaurants to stop serving the dish. Chongqing have also joined in.[3]

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